This Little Girl’s Unicorn Hair Is Drawing A Lot Of Haters

Instagram is flooded with grown-ups wearing mermaid makeup and rainbow hair. We share the fascination: Copping a look straight from My Little Pony is like having all of our childhood fantasies come true. So can we blame an actual child for wanting to do the same? For Mary Thomaston, a mom from Panama Beach City, Florida who also happens to be a hairstylist, the answer is no. Thomaston gave her six-year-old daughter Lyra a unicorn-inspired haircut, which was root-to-tip teal in color, with a purple, pink, and yellow sun-like design on top of a very trendy side shave. But it wasn't a whim decision: According to The Luxury Spot, Lyra had been begging for a side-shave and colorful dye job for years. Mom, who rocks rainbow hair herself, finally caved — just in time for the beginning of first grade — and the results couldn’t look cooler. The Internet, however, has a different opinion, questioning whether or not a youngster should be sporting such a vibrant look.
Thomaston says she didn’t make the decision lightly. For one, the colorist chose Manic Panic dye, a non-toxic and non-permanent dye. She also checked with her daughter’s school to make sure she wasn't violating any rules and had a serious sit-down with Lyra to discuss what it means to make such a drastic hair change.

My very own baby unicorn?

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Doesn't get much cuter than this? photo by @kiersten_grant #kierstengrantphotography#unicorntribe

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“I told her, 'If the school gives us permission then I’ll do it,'" she said. "And they allowed it. Her hair is already really light so all I had to do was add the temporary color. I tried to talk her out of the shaved side because I thought she might regret it once it was done, but boy was I wrong. She was so excited.” After posting the style to Instagram, Thomaston received both praise and hellfire. Some adore the style, others thought the look was just too "adult" for a grade-schooler. Thomaston’s response: “Really? Because when you’re a grown up with crazy-colored hair, people say such things are for kids. It’s a contradiction,” she told the site. “Why not let them have fun while they’re young?”

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