Rihanna Explains The Heart-Shaped Fur Coat She Wore In NYC

Rihanna is ready for fall! She spent the night running around NYC in an attention-grabbing red fur coat.

She donned the oversized heart-shaped coat with a simple black baseball cap, frayed denim shorts, and lace-up stilettos. While we're all accustomed to Riri pushing the fashion envelope, she said on Instagram that the Saint Laurent fall/winter 2016 coat is an ode to the Big Apple.

"I [heart] NY" the 28-year-old wrote in an Instagram caption that already has over 416,000 likes.

While her supposed boyfriend, Drake, didn't accompany her, she still found ways to enjoy the city. She walked through the city at 7 a.m. wearing gray slippers to throw bread to pigeons, just like a tourist. Of course, someone captured that magical moment on Snapchat.

A pressing question still hasn't been answered, though: Will Rihanna shut down New York City's annual West Indian Labor Day parade in another classic carnival outfit? That remains to be seen.

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