Take A Peek At All The Gadgets Inside Refinery29's CES Suite

Five years ago, the thought of creating made-to-order glasses that perfectly fit your face from just a few selfies would have seemed unimaginable. Today, it's a reality thanks to advances in augmented reality and a push for tech that's more personalized and connected than ever before.

At CES 2018, Refinery29 took a look at the tech trends of today and the very near future with the Observation Deck, a space that celebrated women as both creators and consumers. From a self-cleaning water bottle to a smart sheet mask that cuts your skincare routine time in half, take a look at some of the cool products on display.

If you've tried out smart mirrors in MAC or Sephora's Virtual Artist app, you've tried ModiFace. The brand builds the AR tools that allow you to try on specific shades of lipstick, eyeshadow, or eyeliner at home, without using a single makeup remover wipe.

ModiFace AR Mirror, Modiface.com.
Take your skincare routine to a whole new level with Foreo's smart sheet mask device. The handheld beauty tool combines LED light therapy with T-sonic pulsations for a speedy, 90-second treatment.

Foreo UFO, starting at $99, available for pre-order on Kickstarter.
Create your own at-home fragrance with Moodo, a smart scent dispenser that comes with a mix of capsules you can mix and match using the app or Alexa.

Moodo, starting at $189, available at Moodo.co.
Change up what's on your wall with Meural, a gorgeous digital art display. Upload your own photos or access the thousands of artworks in the app library to switch up what's shown in the frame via the accompanying app.

Meural Leonora, $595, available at Meural.com.
Rebecca Minkoff's Always On bags offer behind the scenes access and styling suggestions in a clever way: QR codes attached to the labels allow you to enter the designer's world, simply by scanning the code with your phone.

Rebecca Minkoff Always On Bags, starting at $195, available at Rebecca Minkoff.
Design your own, custom-fit eyewear with Topology. Start by snapping a selfie in the Topology app, then pick a frame shape and color. The start-up uses your selfie to create a 3D model of your face and craft a pair of glasses designed for your unique facial features.

Topology Eyewear, starting at $495, available via the Topology Eyewear App.
Update the hardware on your wrist with Fossil’s latest hybrid smart watch, which has controls for changing music and taking a selfie.

Fossil Q Annette, $155, available Spring 2018 at Fossil.
For the moon and star-obsessed, Sky delivers. The aromatherapy diffuser projects the celestial bodies on the ceiling so you can look at them as you fall asleep.

Zaq Sky, $39.99, available at Zaq.com.
This all-in-one wearable breast pump is a game changer. The device fits inside bras, sans cords and external tubes, so new moms can pump easily no matter where they are. An accompanying app keeps track of pumping progress and the milk bag’s one-way valve prevents leaking.

Willow Pump, $479.99, join beta program at Willowpump.com.
The Owlet smart sock lets new moms rest easy. Wrap the soft, fabric sock around an infant's foot and you'll be able to track their oxygen levels and heart rate from afar using the accompanying app.

Owlet Smart Sock 2, $299.99, available at Owletcare.com.
Record the sound and rhythm of your heartbeat with Hugsy's small Heartbeat device. Then, nestle it inside the Cuddle, an adorable cuddling toy for kids that also captures a mom's scent.

Hugsy Cuddle & Heartbeat, sign up for release updates at Hugsycomfort.com.
Jibo is just your friendly, neighborhood — er, home — robot. Designed to be a part of everyday life in the same way that Alexa and the Google Assistant are, Jibo uses facial recognition to get to know different people. It can do everything from dancing on command to taking photos, and it has a lot of personality, too, serving up jokes and useful information.

Jibo, $899, available at Jibo.com.
What makes Google’s Pixel Buds different from other earbuds? They deliver real-time translation through Google Translate, making them an ideal travel companion.

Google Pixel Buds, $159, available at Google.
Hogwarts feels a little more real thanks to Lifeprint. The printer uses augmented reality to magically bring your photos to life. Record a message or video, print your photo, and sent it to a friend. When they open the Lifeprint app and hold up the photo, they'll be able to watch your video play.

Lifeprint Hyperphoto Printer, starting at $129.99, available at Lifeprintphotos.com.
TRNTBL is a beautiful, wireless record player that you can use with AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Sonos. Share vinyl tunes with friends over Spotify, or throughout your home on the wireless speakers you already own.

TRNTBL, $499, available at Trntbl.co.
Try out the Google Assistant with the Google Home Mini, a smaller (and arguably cuter) take on the original Google Home.

Google Home Mini, $49, available at Google.
Dyson’s Pure Hot + Cool Link is a three-in-one device, delivering air purification, heating, and cooling for any space. The smart purifier automatically detects your air quality and adjusts accordingly to ensure a cleaner apartment, minus any effort on your part.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link, $599.99, available at Dyson.
Purify your water on the go with Quartz. The self-cleaning bottle has a built-in UV-C light to eliminate harmful odor-causing bacteria and viruses. To activate it, just press the cap. Plus, the vacuum sealed, double-walled insulation will keep your H2O cool longer.

Quartz Bottle, starting at $79, available for preorder on Indiegogo.
Coffee purists have met their match with Bonaverde's Berlin. The all-in-one grind, roast, and brew machine brings a farm to table approach to your morning java.

Bonaverde Berlin Roast Grind Brew, $999, available at Bonaverde.com.
If you hate lukewarm coffee, tea, or cocoa, Ember is for you. The ceramic mug (a travel thermos version also exists) connects with an app, allowing you to set the exact temperature you want the beverage inside to stay at. Sip at your leisure, without worrying about your drink cooling off.

Ember Ceramic Mug, $79.99, available at Ember.com.
Many laptops feel too heavy to travel with, but most tablets feel insufficient for working on the go. Microsoft's Surface Pro is the perfect hybrid. Use the accessories (the mouse snaps flat for easy travel) to make your workflow even more seamless.

Microsoft Surface Pro, starting at $999, available at Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse, $79.99, available at Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Pen, $99.99, available at Microsoft.
Microsoft collaborated with Finnish designer Marimekko on these Surface Pro sleeves, which add a pop of color and energy to your device.

Microsoft Surface Book Marimekko Accessories, starting at $74.99, available at Microsoft.
Google’s newest Chromebook, the Pixelbook, can be used in one of four configurations and is the first laptop to have the Google Assistant built in. You can use the Pixelbook Pen, a smart stylus, to access the Assistant with the touch of a button.

Google Pixelbook and Pixelbook Pen, starting at $999, available at Google.
If you're prone to misplacing your wallet, Ekster's tracker card can help. The slim, solar-powered card slips into your wallet and connects to your phone, allowing you to track down the truly important cards.

Ekster Tracker Card & Smart Wallet, $89.95, available at Ekster.com.
Google's first premium smart speaker, the Google Home Max, packs a punch with powerful sound and the smarts of the Google Assistant.

Google Home Max, $399, available at Google.
Even when you use a steadying device, videos shot on a phone can still turn out obnoxiously shaky. Rylo, a handheld 360-degree camera, solves this problem with built-in stabilization that makes it easy for you to post a professional-looking video straight to Instagram.

Rylo, $499, available at Rylo.com.
Turn your white wall into a cinema with the soda-can shaped Nebula Capsule. The portable projector lets you stream Netflix, YouTube and more.

Nebula Capsule, $349, available at Amazon.
When you're looking to set the perfect movie or romantic dinner mood, Philips Hue's White Ambiance smart bulbs can help. You can dim the lights via the app and set other specific modes throughout the day.

Philips Hue White Ambiance A19 Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb , $49.99, available at Best Buy.
Away’s stylish cases come equipped with a ​removable, ​built-in battery for the busy traveler to charge on the go. Worried about losing your luggage? Keep tabs on your bags using this leather luggage tag, which has a Tile Slim tracker inside.

Away The Bigger Carry-On, $245, available at Awaytravel.com.

Away x Tile Luggage Tag, $30, available at Away.
For those who like the handheld quality of smartphone cameras but want to venture into something a bit more advanced, the Light L16 is a smart solution. The DSLR-quality camera uses 16 individual lenses to produce high-quality photographs. When you take a photo on the pocket-sized device, multiple cameras shoot simultaneously. Then, imaging algorithms fuse those shots together into a single, detailed photo.

Light L16, $1,950, available at Light.co.
The Revl Arc 4K action camera is built to handle your vacation: Take it scuba diving — the device is waterproof up to 33ft, or skiing — image stabilization will smooth out the bumpy ride down the slopes. The accompanying app makes it easy to edit and share your videos on all your social feeds.

Revl Arc, $399, available at Revl.com.
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