Put A Belt On It! 7 Ways To Style Your Coat

The "Upside Down" is in Hawkins, Indiana, but it's also been slowly creeping into the fashion world. Think back to summer, when lingerie-inspired bustiers suddenly switched their functional roles, and we started layering corsets over our shirts for a modest dose of sex appeal.

Of course, if you love unexpected layering then you probably love fall weather; even if sometimes you're bummed that you've put so much effort into your outfit, only to cover it all up with a coat. Well, there's a styling trick often deployed in magazines and fashion shows that's now made its way onto street-style stars, who have inspired us to give it a shot. We're talking about wearing your belt over your coat. You might think to yourself "What? I'll look like the Michelin Man!," but would we ever steer you wrong? (Answer: definitely not.)

Ahead, we've rounded up the best ways to incorporate your belt into your "outdoor outfit." Just remember the most important thing — it's all about the belt!

An oversized coat needs an extra-large belt.
Go ahead and pair an extra-long belt with a mini-coat. The longer, the better!
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A great way to show off your outfit is to leave the coat half-way open then belt it into place.
Why don't you wear a neutral coat and match your belt to your hair color?
Take advantage of the belt to casually drape one sleeve off your shoulder, for a look that is all about chill vibes.
An extra-wide, extra-long patent leather belt adds an edge to a classic khaki coat.
If you're ready to take your layering skills to the next level, the off-the-shoulder coat trick is the way to go — especially if you're wearing a jacket underneath.
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