How To Work Out When You’re Home For The Holidays — Without Making It A Thing

Your hard-earned vacation time is finally here, and chances are you're ready to chill, hard. But between your baking sessions and screenings of The Holiday, you might find that you want to exercise a little bit. Nothing crazy, just a little something to get your body moving so you have enough energy to make it to New Year's Eve.

But with all your festivities planned, you may not be able to squeeze in your regular workout class or even make it to the gym. Luckily, there are tons of ways to get in a workout without leaving the house or devoting a ton of time.

Ahead, we found some quick and easy at-home workouts that you can do whether you're sequestered to your childhood bedroom or staying in a hotel this holiday season.

You barely need any room or time for this 10-minute Tabata-style cardio workout. But be prepared to jump and sweat a lot.
This 12-minute ab workout is way more interesting than plain old planks. One of the moves calls for a dumbbell, but you can also do it without weights (or use a water bottle!) if you don't have any.
If you need modifications for this 20-minute HIIT workout, just follow along with the trainer's wife in the upper righthand corner.
While this is a "silent" cardio workout, Cassey Ho's bubbly instructions will keep you energized throughout the 20-minute session.
You'll need a pair of dumbbells for this 35-minute total-body HIIT workout, but you don't need a ton of space. In other words, it's basically made for your tiny hotel gym.
The trainer in this video does a great job of breaking down the form of each of these exercises. So, if you usually take classes or like a lot of instruction, this is for you.
Here, a trainer breaks down her tips for working out quietly. If you're staying in a hotel (or a small bed and breakfast) and don't want to disturb people around you, these will be helpful.
Not convinced you can work out in your hotel room? Allow this trainer to change your mind. In this video, he demos a 20-minute HIIT workout in a teeny hotel room.
This is a short, low key ab routine for the days when you need an easy workout.
You can do this entire ab routine standing up, and all you need is a medium to light dumbbell (or, again, a water bottle).
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