How The Rockettes Keep From Getting Jaded During The Holidays

There's a section of choreography during the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular called the Soldier Fall, which accurately represents the level of holiday exhaustion that many of us are feeling right now. In it, the line of 36 Rockettes gets "shot" by a cannon, and then slowly, limply collapses until they're all crumpled on the floor. It's pretty on-point, no?
While you might be feeling jaded by now, the holidays are going to go on whether you like it or not. So, you might want to figure out a way to turn up and get into the spirit. And if you think you're sick of hearing Christmas music, imagine what it's like being a Rockette who dances in four shows a day, totaling in over 100 shows a season, and more than 300 kicks a show. Many Rockettes have been in the company for over a decade, so getting in the spirt of Christmas is literally their job.
Given that, we asked Rockettes Allyson Kelly, Ellen Mihalick, and Elizabeth Sousek to share their tips for surviving the holidays without getting jaded, bored, or exhausted. Fortunately, their advice is useful even if you're not performing in a Christmas Spectacular.

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