Where Have You Seen That Black Mirror Actress Before?

If you're anything like us, you've torn into this new season of Black Mirror with wild abandon, ignoring your family, your friends, and your need to eat and sleep, in a desperate bid to watch it all as fast as possible.

The only thing that might be spoiling your viewing experience is that, because Black Mirror doesn't focus on big-name stars (save for a few), it's one of those shows where you spend the entire episode going "WHERE have I seen that person before?" then pausing it to frantically IMDb the actor.

To make things easier for you, we've gone through and pulled out all the actors and actresses you're likely to do this with and given you their brief history.

"Arkangel" – Rosemarie DeWitt

In "Arkangel," Rosemarie DeWitt plays mother to Sarah, the 3-year-old girl who momentarily goes missing, leaving her mother in a panic over how to keep her safe.

Where you've seen her before:

DeWitt has a serious acting CV so you've probably seen her in all sorts of things. She was in La La Land as Laura, Mad Men as Midge (a free-willed illustrator who had an affair with Don), Rachel Getting Married as Rachel and Your Sister's Sister.

She is also IRL married to Ron "Jack Berger, Mr. Post-It" Livingston.
"USS Callister" – Jesse Plemons

Plemons plays the dashing and ridiculous Captain Daley in this Star Trek-esque film.

Where you've seen him before:

Plemons has been quietly chalking up serious acting points for a while now. From playing the hapless Landry in Friday Night Lights to appearing as Todd in Breaking Bad and Ed Blumquist in Fargo the TV series. He's also had parts in Bridge of Spies, American Made and Black Mass.

Plemons is engaged to Kirsten Dunst and the two are reportedly expecting a baby.
"USS Callister" – Cristin Milioti

Milioti appears as Lieutenant Cole.

Where you've seen her before:

Milioti plays Teresa Petrillo, the long-suffering first wife of Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street and she's also in a memorable episode of 30 Rock as Abby, a super girly, flirtatious female writer hired to work on the show.

She was also in season two of Fargo as Betsy Solverson.
"USS Callister" – Jimmi Simpson

Another of the USS Callister's crew, Walton.

Where you've seen him before:

He is probably best known as Gavin, a hacker in seasons two and three of House Of Cards. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans will recognise him as one of the McPoyle brothers and more recently, as the younger version of Ed Harris' Man In Black on Westworld.

Up until a few years ago, Simpson was married to Melanie Lynskey, the actress who played Piper Perabo's conventional best friend Gloria in Coyote Ugly. Niche knowledge over here.
"USS Callister" – Billy Magnussen

Magnussen plays evil Baldak; a Thor/Jason and the Argonauts kind of baddie.

Where you've seen him before:

Those of you who watched the O.J. Simpson retelling, An American Crime Story will remember Magnussen's unforgettable performance as Kato, the guy who lived in O.J.'s pool house. Elsewhere he played Elizabeth Olsen's awful brother Nicky in Ingrid Goes West.

Magnussen is set to appear in the much-anticipated live-action remake of Aladdin as Prince Anders.
"USS Callister" – Michaela Coel

Michaela Coel is another member of the Star Fleet crew, Shania.

Where you've seen her before:

Coel wrote and starred in excellent Channel 4 comedy show Chewing Gum back in 2015. She was also in series three of Black Mirror, in "Nosedive" with Bryce Dallas Howard.

If you're not following Coel on Instagram already then rectify immediately. She is an absolute delight.
"Crocodile" – Kiran Sonia Sawar

In this memory-messing film, Sawar plays a woman investigating an accident.

Where you've seen her before:

Sawar is probably best known for her appearance as main character Salma in the incredible BBC Three drama Murdered By My Father, which tackled the devastating issue of "honour" killings.

Sawar owns a darling of a cat named Fynn.
"Crocodile" – Andrea Riseborough

Riseborough stars as Mia in "Crocodile", a woman whose past comes back to haunt her.

Where you've seen her before:

Like DeWitt, Riseborough is already super well-established. She was in Oscar-winning Birdman as Laura, Nocturnal Animals as Alessia, and most recently, The Death of Stalin as Stalin's daughter, Svetlana.
"Hang the DJ" – Georgina Campbell

From the dating app episode that everyone is freaking out about.

Where you've seen her before:

Georgina Campbell also starred in one of the BBC Three Murdered By My... films – this time it was Murdered By My Boyfriend, a harrowing tale of domestic abuse. She was also in Broadchurch series three as D.C. Katie Harford.
"Metalhead" – Maxine Peake

This episode features Maxine Peake running around the post-apocalyptic Scottish moors.

Where you've seen her before:

Everywhere. She's one of the UK's best-loved TV actresses. See her in everything from Shameless to The Theory of Everything, Hamlet to recent mini-series Three Girls about the Rochdale child exploitation scandal.
"Black Museum" – Letitia Wright

Wright plays a British tourist who goes to visit Rolo Haynes' Black Museum – a museum of all awful things.

Where you've seen her before:

Wright appeared in Channel 4's Humans as Renie, a human who wishes she was a synth. She is also set to get super famous appearing as Shuri in Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther.
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