How To Take The Perfect Selfie, According To Olivia Culpo

Let us all pay homage to the year 2003, when 50 Cent released his iconic "In Da Club" single, a horse named Funny Cide won the Kentucky Derby, and for the first time, phones were made with front-facing cameras. Since that time, photography as we know it entirely changed — in favor of the selfie.

Love them, hate them, make a book out of them — one thing is for sure, selfies are here to stay. So, instead of fighting them, why not face the light (ideally by a window) and learn how to take one like a pro?

If you're seeking guidance, we recommend following Selfie Queen Olivia Culpo's advice. One scroll through her Instagram feed will show you that the woman has mastered the art of taking her own photo, and in a recent interview with InStyle, Culpo gave up her five secrets to a stunning selfie. Inspired, we found other celebs who use the same Culpo-endorsed tips, tricks, and angles to get the money shot. Ahead, all the A-list inspiration you need to up your own selfie-game.

Follow The Light

You've heard it once, and you'll hear it again — light is your selfie's best friend. It highlights all the right places, giving you the illusion of glowing skin. The key: Experiment with what works best for your features. "I personally like to face the sun while some people prefer the look of shade," Culpo told InStyle. "It's all about what compliments your skin best."

Case in point? This selfie from Jenna Dewan Tatum, who's photo went from "just chillin' outside" to "angel in the afternoon" — all thanks to the sun shining behind her.
Get In The Mood

Social media can sometimes be misleading, but the key to the best selfie is to show your authentic mood. If you're feeling happy, smile. If you're in the dumps while studying for finals, go a little more serious. Be real, because after all — a picture's worth a thousand words. "Make sure you're channeling the story you are trying to tell in your selfie with your expression," Culpo said.

We think Gabrielle Union made her feelings in this picture so clear, it doesn't even need a caption — her smile says it all.
Mind Your Background

"Try and find a beautiful backdrop," Culpo said. "Even if you aren't watching the sunset on the beach, you can still look for a fun colored wall or beautiful greenery." Or, if you're Emily Ratajkowski, the perfect quaint stone staircase in Tuscany...
Show Your True Self

Sometimes it feels like the only way to get away with posting a selfie when you don't feel your best is to go into VSCO, up the contrast, and give it a filter. But Culpo says this is a no-no. "I personally believe in minimal editing," she told the publication. "You are beautiful just the way you are."

There's no better example of that than this fresh, #nofilter selfie of Tyra Banks. She's got bare skin, beachy curls, and her signature smize — there's no need to touch it.
Don't Take It Too Seriously

Keeping up with the 'gram can feel like a full-time job. Heck, for many people, it is their full-time job. But, as Culpo explained, it's important to remember that social media is supposed to be fun, so make sure to have it. "Try your selfie with Instagram or Snapchat animation like the bunny ears or the stars," she said. "I also love to experiment with Boomerangs. The movement is a great way to tell a story."
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