Which Kardashian Sibling Dominated 2017?

The end of the year means that your phone is going to become a cesspool of mass holiday texts, New Year’s Eve party pluggers, and Instagram pictures of people drinking in ugly holiday sweaters. It’s also a time to look back on the highs and lows of the year as it comes to a close. This can be one of December’s more enjoyable offerings because it gives permission to revel in all of the things that have made us laugh, cry, and cringe over the last 12 months. Pop culture gives us a robust place to start. This year included a sexual misconduct scandal that started a movement, a record-breaking announcement from Queen Bey, and of course, all things Kardashian.

The latter subject, the famous family that has spent the better part of a decade raising the bar for reality stardom, is a galaxy all on their own within the pop culture universe. With individual members that are dominating fields from beauty to fashion, they can easily comprise a few year-end lists of their own. I was up to the task of exploring at least one angle. My objective is simple: to determine which member of the Kardashian and Jenner brood had the best 2017.

Taking each of their professional and personal lives into account — using a combination of social media, Keeping Up with the Kardashians episodes, and entertainment news headlines for my research — I have come to a conclusion. But before I announced the winner, let’s get a recap of how each of Kris Jenner’s children spent 2017.

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Rob Kardashian
It looks like 2017 was another rough year for the only boy in the family. Rob started the year trying to recuperate from a hospitalization and an explosive public argument with his then-fiancée and mother of his child, Blac Chyna. The first few months, which also saw Rob turn 30, seemed to suggest that reconciliation, or at least cordiality, was possible between the couple. They even celebrated their one year anniversary. But it became apparent very soon that they weren’t actually back together. And then in June, another spat between the two parents spilled onto social media and reached a peak when Rob stooped so low as to leak nude photos of Chyna on Instagram and Twitter. Chyna lawyered up against Rob and has made it clear that the chances of them ever getting back together are slim to none.
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Kendall Jenner
Out of all of Kris’s kids, many people say that Kendall is the one with the most legitimate career. She’s a model, and a very successful one at that. Her duties on runways and in campaigns like Estée Lauder have done well to keep her out of the headlines in the same way that her siblings are. For the most part, Kendall continued to keep her head down and chin up in the modeling world this past year. She was rumored to be dating A$AP Rocky earlier this year, and now she has been romantically linked to Blake Griffin. But a campaign with Pepsi caused quite the controversy for Kendall in April after it showed her inserting herself into a protest and placating a police officer with a can of the drink. This did not go over well with people who found it to be racially insensitive and tone-deaf. It wasn’t one of her best career moves.
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Kourtney Kardashian
The eldest Kardashian woman has three beautiful children and has finally moved on from her longtime boyfriend Scott Disick — who proved himself to be a pain in the ass. She has a new lover in Younes Bendjima, a handsome younger guy. But her baby daddy won’t let her be great. Kourtney has had to spend most of the year grappling with Disick’s inability to let go as demonstrated in his insistence on flaunting other women, including his new girlfriend Sofia Richie all around the world.
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Kylie Jenner
It looks like the youngest sibling got off a little easier after splitting with her longtime lover Tyga. She quickly rebounded with rapper Travis Scott, and is allegedly pregnant with his child. She reluctantly premiered her own reality television spinoff, The Life of Kylie, and Kylie Cosmetics continues to be one of the beauty industry’s most popular brands.
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Kim Kardashian West
The holiday spirit is in full effect for Kim, who is releasing snippets of the Kardashian Khristmas kard piece-by-piece on Twitter. And she has a reason to celebrate the year. She and Kanye West are expecting their third child via surrogate. She launched her own cosmetics line, KKW Beauty, which came with a few hiccups. And Kim once again made the Forbes list for raking in a bunch of cash. All of this success is a bounce back from a tumultuous 2016 that saw Kim robbed and her husband Kanye suffering a mental health breakdown. So while she seems to be doing well, I’m not sure I’d say she had the best year ever.
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Khloé Kardashian (The Winner)
Joining her two sisters, an allegedly pregnant Khloé Kardashian is pretty close to her happily ever after. She is living in Cleveland with her partner Tristan Thompson and finalized her divorce from Lamar Odom earlier in the year. Khloé has been smooth sailing and living her best life all year. Sometimes it's the simple things that make life worth living, and Khloé nailed it.
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