Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams Just Took Their Relationship To The Next Level

Sarah Hyland and former Bachelorette contestant Wells Adams haven't been dating for long — at least, not officially — but it looks like they're already quite smitten with each other. Hyland shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing a "W" necklace. And if there's any doubt who she was referring to, the Modern Family star made it clear in her caption that the "W" is for her new beau. (Plus, she tagged Adams in the photo.)

"Call it what you want 😶 #notbecauseheownsme," Hyland captioned the post (she also tagged Swift). It's not the first time she's praised Taylor Swift's new single, either. On Friday, she tweeted a screenshot of the lyrics to Swift's song, along with the raised hands and heart-eye emoji.

Also featured in the photo is Hyland's friend Ashley Newbrough, who's sporting an "M" necklace in honor of her boyfriend Matt Shively.

Hyland hasn't been afraid to poke fun at her previous statements about The Bachelorette, either. Back in 2012, Hyland tweeted, "Those who think I have a thing for any of the guys on the bachelorette? Think again and stop reading into things i say! I'm simply a fan." On Monday, she resurfaced the tweet, adding, "Whoever went 5 years back in time to find this? Thank you. Havin a real good laugh at the moment."

Hyland has shared a few other sweet posts about Adams, too. On Tuesday, she posted a video of her performing with your band, which she wrote was captured by Adams.

Hyland shared another photo of her with Adams, too, captioning it "He puts up with me."

Oh, and the two of them dressed up as Stranger Things' Eleven and Dustin for Halloween. Couple goals, indeed.

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