Instagram's Favorite Body Scrub Is About To Look VERY Different

It's not all that often that beauty brands crowdsource ideas from customers. But some — if you offer enough suggestions — will listen. And that's exactly the case for the Australian body and skin-care brand, Frank.

After the body scrub-turned-Instagram-sensation blew up social media, fans wanted more. The requests: stronger packaging, cuter colors, and more travel-friendly options. Luckily for you, Frank recently announced a full-blown redesign, featuring a more millennial-approved aesthetic. While brand did not reformulate the popular scrubs, the one thing that did change is the casing it comes in. That means: Candy-hued exterior that finally coincide with the scrub inside — packaged in lightweight sizes that you can throw into your suitcase or purse without the worry of spillage.

As an added bonus, each one also features its own clever quips... that read a lot like dive bar pick-up lines) on the front of each package. Our favorite? "The best workouts happens in the shower. Wink." Check them out for yourself, ahead.

Hey, the sentiment isn't wrong.

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub, $16.95, available at Frank.
We're pretty sure they're referring to you scrubbing your body. Wink, wink.

Frank Body Peppermint Coffee Scrub, $18.95, available at Frank.
Not a bad dream to have, are we right?

Frank Body Cacao Coffee Scrub, $18.95, available at Frank.
Let's be real: It is the prettiest shower you will ever take...

Frank Body Shimmer Scrub, $19.95, available at Frank.
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