No-Recipe, No-Cook Halloween Hacks For The Easiest, Spookiest Party Spread Ever

Halloween is days away, but the spooky parties are already in full swing. That also means there are plenty of ways to create Pinterest-worthy mummies, brains, and witch's hats from hotdogs, cookies, and pasta. That is, if you have the time and patience to painstakingly assemble a bunch of foods your friends or kids will wolf down in a few minutes.

If, however, you're short on time or cash, we have the answer for you. The spookiest Halloween spread doesn't need to involve crafting skills, recipes, or last-minute panicked Seamless orders. Instead, you just need a few easy foods accompanied with labels that take the recognizable and make it seasonal. For example, yogurt-covered pretzels become bones, and a margarita transforms into the Swamp Thing's favorite neon-green beverage.

Ahead, 14 easy no-cook ideas that just need a little bit of pun work to delight (and feed) your guests. No Pinterest fails required.

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It's an easy way to get a serving of fruit in – just toss a pint of blueberries in a bowl and label them "boo-berries." Your friends may roll their eyes at the pun, but it's a lot easier than peeling grapes and calling them eyes.

Other Options: Just about anything with blueberries could be used here – boo-berry muffins anyone?
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Witch's Brooms

Witch's Hats, where Hershey's kisses are placed on still-hot peanut butter cookies, are pretty easy to make. But Witch's Brooms takes it one step further. You don't even need to turn on an oven, just peel a bunch of mini Reese's cups and place them face-down. Stick a small pretzel rod through the top and, voila, Witch's Brooms.

Other Options: If even that's too much DIY for you, put the pretzels in a bowl and call them witch's wands. If anyone argues with you, threaten to turn them into a toad.
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Guacamole already feels vaguely Halloween-y with its bright green hue. Either whip up your go-to recipe or buy pre-made from the store and serve with blue corn tortilla chips to make it more spooky.

Other Options: Sour cream and onion dip, which just requires mixing sour cream and onion soup mix, could be a pulverized brain dip fit for a zombie feast.
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I mean, c'mon, gummy worms are PERFECT for a Halloween party. You don't even need to label them. Just throw them in a bowl, you don't even really need to add a label. Plus, there are about a million kinds of other gummies in creepy shapes, including giant rats, spiders, and frogs. All that will be missing from the witch's brew is eye of newt.

Other Options: For an only slightly more challenging DIY, put chocolate pudding in a bowl and top with crushed Oreos, then dress with the creepy gummies of your choice.
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Ghost Poop

Do ghosts poop? We're not actually sure on that one, but if they did, it follows that their excrement would be as ghostly-white as they are. So toss some marshmallows in a bowl and call it a day.

Other Options: If that's too gross for you, even on a holiday that celebrate gore, you could also just call the bowl of marshmallows ghost food, or add tiny faces to each one with gel icing and say they're actually ghosts themselves.
Witch's Fingers

Our fingers might not be as small as they were when we were kids and could actually stick Bugles on them, but the spooky connotations remain. The pointy tips are reminiscent of a cartoon witch's hands and just happen to be delicious as well.

Other Options: If you're having a Twilight screening, call then Vampire Teeth instead.
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Skeleton Snacks

There are actual bone-shaped candies and snacks you can find around Halloween, but if you want to avoid the October 31-related mark-up, get some yogurt pretzels and let the ghostly-white nature of it speak for itself.

Other Options: Any pretzel shape covered in yogurt could also be ghost food – maybe add white M&Ms and yogurt-covered raisins for a ghostly trail mix?
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Swamp Thing Punch

Just like we don't have definitive information on the digestion tracks of ghosts, we don't know what the Swamp Thing drinks. But we would guess a creature from the black lagoon might choose a happy hour order that reflects the toxic sludge of his home. A bright green tequila mix is not only an easy way to serve up drinks quickly, it can also be on-theme.

Other Options: Blood orange margarita mix can be a spiked blood drink for vampires. Add a citrus-flavored sherbet or sorbet to the punch bowl to create a threatening, bubbling foam.
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Spider's Web

Make the classic Halloween decoration edible by taking cotton candy and stretching it out to resemble cobwebs. Perfect for decorating dessert platters or even topping off drinks. Bonus: the spun sugar will dissolve slowly if placed in a drink for a fun disappearing trick for guests. Keep some gummy spiders on hand to take the look over-the-top.

Other Options: If store-bought cotton candy is too hard to find, peeled Twizzlers can create a similar spider web-y look.
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Bloody Shirley

Is a Bloody Mary too much for a late-night drink? Serve Shirley Temples (spiked or unspiked) and call them Bloody Shirleys for one night only. Garnish with blue Maraschino cherries if you can find them to make them even spookier.

Other Options: Add a dash of Grenadine to vodka for Bloody Shirley shots.
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Eleven's Breakfast

At this point, Eggo Waffles are inextricably linked to Eleven, the mysterious little girl with telekinetic abilities in Stranger Things. Even if you're not decorating with Christmas lights and the ABC's, you can throw out a plate of mini Eggo waffles (serve some raspberry or strawberry sauce on the side to give the dish some gore) for people to snack on as a nod to the new cult favorite.

Other Options: If you're hosting a viewing party to binge this weekend, serve up some Stranger Rings (onion rings!) too.
Werewolf Treats

While we don't recommend serving actual dog treats to your guests, finding a snack that sorta kinda could be dog treats and saying they're for werewolves (or hounds from hell) is one way to get people in the mood. Digestive biscuits have a certain, shall we say, canine flair to them. Consider serving them with icing for a dip.

Other Options: If you want to get slightly more complicated, roll out cookie dough and use a bone-shaped cookie cutter to create dog treats that taste more like human treats.
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Zombie Cheese

The veins in moldy cheeses normally don't remind us of the undead – until October rolls around. Served on a black plate, a harmless Stilton or Humboldt Food with its blue line in the center, could look like a regular cheese now hungering for braaaiiiiins.

Other Options: Not a fan of pungent cheese? A few Goudas come in bright oranges that put even the classic American-style cheese to shame. Pair them with dark crackers to be truly Halloween-ified.
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Dracula's Snack Cakes

Little Debbie's smiling face is the opposite of menacing – but her Red Velvet Cakes remind us of monsters who feed off human blood. Unwrap a pack (don't leave the cheery package in sight!) and offer them to guests as the favorite Snack Cake of Dracula (or Edward Cullen, if you prefer your undead a bit more contemporary and chiseled).
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