The Ultimate Emmy Awards Drinking Game For Your Viewing Party This Weekend

The 69th Emmy Awards are this Sunday, meaning you still have a little time to throw together a viewing party and figure how exactly you're going to stream it. There's even time to go stock up on Eggos (a la Eleven) or Master Of None-inspired pasta to eat while you watch. So there's just one question left (besides how did Jack Pearson die on This Is Us): How are you going to watch all three hours without sometimes, y'know, getting a little bored?

We have your answer: drinking games. While, of course, totally optional, for those who are imbibing anyway, it's a sort of adult bingo that adds an extra element to the evening. As with our Game Of Thrones drinking game, we of course have no idea what will happen on Sunday. Maybe Westworld won't win a single award. Maybe no one will be played off stage when their speech runs too long. But, based on what we predict you'll see, here are five different games you can play with the drink of your choice. As always, drink carefully and adjust as needed. Cheers!

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Red Carpet Pregame
Prefer the pageantry of the red carpet? Watch the pre-show with a drink in hand and sip when:

An actor or actress feigns confusion or disinterest when asked about their clothes.

Anyone being interviewed says how hungry they are (or reference having food hidden in a clutch).

An interview is cut short by distractions from elsewhere on the red carpet.

Someone comments on how hot it is in L.A.

Whenever your dream boyfriend/girlfriend shows up, and every time they're shown in wide shots of the event.

Anyone references the drive over/traffic.
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Showtime Sips
If you've made it through the red carpet (or are just skipping straight to the main event) drink when:

There is a new T.V. show reference introduced in the opening number.

Westworld wins.

You remember Game Of Thrones wasn't nominated.

Someone compares Handmaid's Tale to 2017.

Someone compares any of the political shows to real-life politics.

The entire cast of This Is Us or Stranger Things just looks like real-life BFFs.

Someone (at your party or on TV) makes a comment about the golden age of television.

Someone is played off for their speech being too long or if their speech is literally one sentence.

Any time a winner compliments everyone else nominated in their category.

Someone sends food out to the audience.
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Battle Royale
Rules too much to remember? Set up some friendly competition with you and your friends and keep things simple.

Network vs. Premium Cable
Half the room picks network; half the room picks premium cable. Drink whenever a show or actor from a show on the type of channel you chose wins.

Buzzed Ballot
Create a ballot and have everyone cast their votes ahead of time. If no one picked the winner, everyone drinks. If a person or people did pick the correct winner, they get to say who drinks. (It can be themselves!)
Social Stalking
Instead of watching on TV, follow along on Snapchat and Instagram with your favorite celebs. Drink when:

They use face filters.

They post a selfie with someone from a different show.

They post process shots of getting ready and/or with their glam squad.

They post a selfie with their date.

They post a photo of their new statuette, and/or the obligatory In-N-Out burger afterward.
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Who Is That Again?

If you're watching with your parents or any non-millennials, drink when they inevitably ask you to identify a person on camera.
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