The Ultimate Emmy Awards Drinking Game For Your Viewing Party This Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
The 69th Emmy Awards are this Sunday, meaning you still have a little time to throw together a viewing party and figure how exactly you're going to stream it. There's even time to go stock up on Eggos (a la Eleven) or Master Of None-inspired pasta to eat while you watch. So there's just one question left (besides how did Jack Pearson die on This Is Us): How are you going to watch all three hours without sometimes, y'know, getting a little bored?
We have your answer: drinking games. While, of course, totally optional, for those who are imbibing anyway, it's a sort of adult bingo that adds an extra element to the evening. As with our Game Of Thrones drinking game, we of course have no idea what will happen on Sunday. Maybe Westworld won't win a single award. Maybe no one will be played off stage when their speech runs too long. But, based on what we predict you'll see, here are five different games you can play with the drink of your choice. As always, drink carefully and adjust as needed. Cheers!

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