15 New Ways Fashion Wants You To Wear A Canadian Tuxedo

Despite what its name may suggest, the Canadian Tuxedo is a thoroughly American invention. The story goes like this: In 1951, Bing Crosby was denied entry to a hotel in Canada because he was wearing head-to-toe denim. When the story got back to Levi Strauss and Co., they designed an actual tuxedo jacket made out of denim — complete with a red boutonniere made out of the iconic Levi's red tabs — so he would never have any trouble getting into fancy establishments while wearing jeans again.

These days, the all-denim ensemble might still go by its historical moniker, but considering the most iconic jean-on-jean look now belongs to America's former sweethearts Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, perhaps we should consider changing the name. That, and the fact that it had quite the showing during New York Fashion Week.

It makes sense that in such turbulent times — as designers decamp to European cities and half of the industry is busy decrying the demise of American fashion — both indie and established brands have found themselves thinking about this all-American staple. Because what is American fashion anyway? It's always been characterized by an emphasis in sportswear, a heavy influence from the streets, and a knowledge that underneath it all, there's no fucking rules. So for those of you who believe there's no such thing as too much denim, this slideshow is for you.


The bustier made a few appearances at the New York shows, but none of them looked as good as this two-tone denim piece that went down the Chromat runway with a matching maxi skirt. The bondage-lite details really make this look next-level.
Rachel Comey

The traditional Canadian Tuxedo consists of at least a denim jacket and a pair of jeans. Rachel Comey upped the ante by adding a lace-up detail at the thigh and pairing it with a loose painter's smock-inspired jacket for a feminine, artsy take on the trend.
Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Another way to take the regular ole' denim jacket and jeans combination into statement outfit territory is to get a little artsy with it, like Raf Simons did at Calvin Klein, screen-printing Andy Warhol's iconic portrait of Dennis Hopper over the classic styles.
Simon Miller

For those most sensuous evenings, Simon Miller has you covered with a longline bustier with matching skinny jeans. The slit detail at the ankle makes this extra special. (Go ahead and let the hem drag on the ground! Denim is a sturdy fabric, it can handle it).
Juicy Couture

We've long been fans of a cropped top with a high-waisted bottom, and this powder blue look created by new Juicy Couture creative director Jamie Mizrahi hits all the right marks.
Adam Selman

For those who are Canadian Tux pros, perhaps this look from Adam Selman is speaking to you as much as it's speaking to us. It's not enough to wear a matching shirt and shorts when you can also wear a matching hat with a matching veil.

Nicole and Michael Colovos have been around the fashion block for a while, so we were really looking forward to their return to the runway. This is definitely a more luxe take on the trend, especially when it comes to the topstitching details on the shirt. (We also always love a white shoe, especially with a pointy toe).
Baja East

You can't get much cooler than these low-slung, wide-leg jeans and matching top in black-washed denim.

At Frame, a dark wash blouse and loose trousers get an extra oomph from a thick, suede waist belt, for a very refined result.
Public School

We love a luxe take on denim, but we also love to emphasize its beginnings as the fabric of bad boys and girls everywhere. At Public School, designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne took the denim vest — the baddest of the denim accoutrements — and added an extra dose of subversion with all-over buckles.
Rachel Comey

If simplicity is what you're after, a dark denim button-up tucked into straight-leg jeans in a contrasting acid wash may be just what the doctor ordered.
Rosie Assoulin

Why not go ahead and explore the joys of a pinstriped denim look? Rosie Assoulin is the queen of proportions, and we are infatuated with how the jacket and the pants don't line up, so you get a peak at the blouse underneath. Oh, and did you notice the shoes are also pinstriped denim? We are ready to commit!
Karen Walker

True, this babydoll blouse and pleated trousers is not for everyone, but we love how Karen Walker layered the tops to create depth. The open collar on the denim top, worn over a white button-up with a crisp collar, worn over a thin printed scarf, is a styling trick for the ages. We love the matching hat, too!
Elizabeth and James

It makes sense that the masters of layering maxi-length pieces, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, would be behind this distressed coat with oversized pockets. Oh, and are those denim boots? We just can't have enough denim shoes.
Tom Ford

Speaking of denim boots, peep this super sexy knee-high pair from none other than Tom Ford. We love them paired with a mini-skirt with moto-inspired details and an oversized, blouson jacket. Tom Ford has never steered us wrong, and he's not about to start now.
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