Supreme Wants You To Buy A Wad Of Cash

This is Supreme's world, and we're all just living in it. This summer has seen the obsession for the notorious streetwear brand rise to new heights, as evidenced by the super hyped, but ultimately ill-fated Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration. Hell, even the recent apparition of $4 Supreme shirts (whose only branding was an interior label) was enough to send suburban teens rampaging toward the nearest Kmart.

The red box logo's appeal is bigger than ever, and Supreme's Fall/Winter collection is here to capitalize on that. Amidst camo bomber jackets and graphic tees bearing Nas' visage, the latest drop features quirky products that stretch the definition of "accessory." While the brand has been pushing the boundaries of things they can slap their logo on for money (remember the Supreme bricks?), this crop of products is bolstered by a group of collaborators outside the fashion industry. Pricing is not yet available, but the items will be available tomorrow on Supreme's website. Click through to check out this fall's weirdest, coolest, and most surprisingly utilitarian accessories.

Supreme/Sog Collapsable Shovel

A terrible reminder that winter is coming, but a surprisingly practical accessory to stash in your Camaro in case a blizzard hits. A normal Sog "Entrenching Tool" retails for $19, but I'm willing to bet that red coat of paint (Supreme red, obviously) will tack on a couple more digits.
Gold Trim Ceramic Ashtray

On first glance, this seems like the most Supreme object of all time. But haven't all the hypebeasts moved on from old school cigs to Juul?

Watch out REI, streetwear is here to steal your gig. I'm calling it now: winter 2017 is about sliding down slopes, not into DMs.
Supreme x Rifkin Safety Sac

Rifkin Safety Sacs are lightweight, lockable "security bags" frequently favored by businesses and tourists. The stodgy company may not be typical Supreme collab material, but when you're as rich as Supreme founder James Jebbia, it makes sense he's got $$ on the brain.
Cash Paperweight

In case you didn't get the safety sac memo, here is a lucite-encased brick of cash to drive home the point that "money is always most important."
Inflatable Blimp

Little is known about this blimp. Is it self inflatable? Maybe. Is it life size? Probably not. Will it collide with burgeoning blogger's drones mid-attempt to capture NYC sunsets? Absolutely.
Welcome Mat

Please allow me to present the least welcoming welcome mat of all time.
Pledge Allegiance Keychain

A subtle, leather embossed keychain to drive home fall's biggest trend: resistance. Patriotism is in, and Trump is (hopefully) out.
Supreme Handcuffs Keychain

Supreme's website fails to provide any product dimensions. Still, it's pretty safe to assume that, unless they're connected to the largest keychain of all time, these handcuffs aren't human sized. Chalk this one up as a missed opportunity for kinky, streetwear fueled sex.
Supreme x Andis Envy Li Adjustable Blade Clipper

It's basically guaranteed that every Brooklyn barbershop will snag one of these babies. However, the DIY set should 100% view this as a opportunity to take their undercuts into their own hands — and boost their street cred in the process.
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