Everything You Need To Know About Using Instagram Stories' New Creative Tools

If you want to don puppy ears and laurel wreaths in an Instagram Story, the days of uploading a Snapchat screenshot from your camera roll have come to an end. Today, Instagram announced the addition of its own similar face filters.

Although these are fun, we're more excited about the other tools included in today's update. Frosting an elaborate cake will be mind-bending when recorded in rewind mode. And a new eraser brush is like a grown-up version of those rainbow scratch-art sets we played with as kids. Throwback Thursday, meanwhile, gets a special hashtag treatment in Stories.

Ahead, your guide to using all the new tools. And if you feel the need to brush up on the rest of your Instagram Stories game, check out these tips.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
Filter On

It's an animal-face world; we're all just living in it. Channel your inner koala or rabbit or flower crown queen by going to your camera and tapping the smiley face in the bottom right-hand corner. Find the mask that fits your mood, snap or record, and add the post to your Story or send as a Direct Message. There will be eight filters at launch, followed by more.
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
Reverse, Reverse

May the immortal words of DJ Casper guide all of your recordings. To use the new "rewind" camera mode, simply toggle over to the setting (found between "Boomerang" and "hands-free") and jump, toss, or perform any gif-worthy action. Then, watch yourself break all the laws you learned about in high school physics class.
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
What Lies Beneath

Expect to see upcoming albums and designer collections teased with Instagram Stories' eraser brush. First, take a photo, select the drawing tool, and tap the screen to cover the entire image with a single color. Then, tap the brush and cleverly "wipe" away whichever parts of the photo you want to reveal.
Tag, You're It

Throwback Thursday and Motivation Monday have a new hashtag home: Instagram Stories. Select the new hashtag sticker from the sticker folder and add your desired text. Anyone who views your story can tap the hashtag to see posts with the same hashtag, just as you can with hashtags on regular Instagram posts.
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