Ever Think These Celebs Were Similar? They're ALL Geminis

Welcome, May-June birthday readers and happy Gemini season! This is your time to shine (both of you *wink*) and celebrate everything that makes you, you. With the anniversary of your birth in the horizon, there is no better time to reflect on all the traits and qualities that make up your specific astrological sign. Have you ever wondered which celebrity is your astrological twin? I definitely have, and was shocked and pleased to see my famous alter-egos and all the traits we had in common. I mean, of course my favorite (and the best) rapper of all-time was born on the same exact day as me: Notorious B.I.G, May 21 cusp, which explains into my love of entertainment, status, and material goods — no shame.

So, what about you? What celebrities born in your astrological zone mirror similar qualities to yourself and your life? While you may not actually be the talented and Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer IRL (or, if you are — hi!), it doesn't mean that you can't relate to her on a more spiritual level. Listen, horoscopes are not a hoax. They're merely portals into what has already manifested within ourselves.

Here at Refinery29, we've already told you what to watch for your sign, what to eat for your sign, and how your sign affects your week. But now, let's get into just how much you have in common with the surprising celebrities who you're aligned with in your horoscope. One of these famous people is sure to be your Gemini twin. It's written in the stars.

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Octavia Spencer, May 25

Strong, determined and talented. That is how I would describe Octavia Spencer. Like her, you are affectionate, motivated, and often use your own accomplishments to further the successes of those around you.

If you feel your worth is best weighed by your tangible successes, but still find room in your heart to be thankful for everyone who helped you become the powerhouse you are today — welcome to your Gemini twin.
Stevie Nicks, May 26

Listen, we all have our mood swings. But, you Gemini, have Mood Swings. And what better way to soothe them than by listening to the stirring lyrics and calming tunes of fellow Gemini, Stevie Nicks. "Rhiannon" is basically telling the story of a Gemini and her emotional fickleness.

If you're a daydreamer, and likely to go from laughter to tears at the drop of a hat — welcome to your Gemini twin.
Prince, June 7

Even though Prince never celebrated the day he was born, he was still a total Gemini in his exuberant creativity and dedication to his personal brand, as many Geminis are.

If you think you in any shape, way, or form come close to the electric self-confidence and incredibly imagination that Prince possessed — welcome to your Gemini twin.
Kanye West, June 8

Well hello there, wild card. Like dust in the wind, you are constantly moving and resettling. There's never a dull moment with this vivacious iteration of Gemini. You're inquisitive, responsive, and sociable — with specific people only. You're not afraid to go under-the-radar, but still never lose any of your charm and wit even when you're feeling a bit reclusive.

If you are a walking enigma of a social person who doesn't like to smile, or a smiley person who doesn't like to socialize — welcome to your Gemini twin.
Natalie Portman, June 9

Like this successful actress and mother, you feel your best when you're on-the-go. Not quite reclusive or craving alone time, you are just a natural multi-tasker who loves checking things off a growing to-do list (for example: Win another Oscar, perhaps). Your next move (or movie) isn't always predictable, but it's always well thought out.

If you are a creature of habit who spices up their daily routines by loading up their to-do lists (and are a bit of a workaholic) — welcome to your Gemini twin.
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, June 13

Actual Gemini twins! That is some next level stuff. A pair of twins born during twin season is very special, but I am sure you already know that. If you're a Gemini-born twin then your duality is next level: you have a built-in yin to your yang, so you two are bound together in a way that many friends and even family probably don't understand.

But, if you're a solo-born Gemini and have an affinity for self-expression (and a deep desire to stand out from the crowd, whether it's by the clothes you wear or the type of creative job you have) — then welcome to your Gemini twins (triplets?).
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