How To Use Each Of Snapchat's New Creative Tools Like A Boss

You don't have to be an artist to appreciate today's Snapchat update. Anyone with a sense of humor or a silly side will find the new tools an essential aspect of the already-playful app.

In addition to launching a Boomerang-like video-looping tool, Snapchat is also giving users a way to paint with emoji and photoshop out unwelcome objects. Ahead, your complete guide to unleashing your creative side with each of the new tools.

Should you want to make "Snapchat artist" your official career title, there's nothing stopping you.

Photo: Courtesy of Snapchat.
Make Your Snap Limitless

When 10 seconds simply aren't enough, you can make your snap last for infinity — or, until your recipient clicks to end it or move on to the next. In the timer found in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, toggle to the infinity symbol.
Photo: Courtesy of Snapchat.
Get A Little Loopy

To loop a particularly beautiful or silly scene, record a video as you normally would. Then, tap the loop icon below the scissors tool on the right-hand side of the screen. Your video will replay over and over again until the viewer closes it.
Photo: Courtesy of Snapchat.
Create A Little Photoshop Magic

When you have something (or someone) in your shot that you either don't want present, or want to replace with a sticker or emoji, use the magic eraser. Tap the scissors tool and then the stars icon that appears below it. Move your finger over the item you want to disappear, and voila! It's gone.
Photo: Courtesy of Snapchat.
Tap Into Your Inner Emoji Artist

For the truly emoji-obsessed, the emoji brush brings your dreams of painting with emoji to life. Simply tap the pen and select the emoji icon that appears below the color spectrum. Choose one of the emoji and start drawing. You can create words, outline an object or person, or go all-out and fill the entire screen with emoji. Your options are limitless.
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