When These Celebrities Do Prom, They Do It Well

From sequin dresses to date disasters, everyone has a prom story — but these celebrity proms are something else.

In a world where fads change faster than you can say Pokémon Go, prom remains an eternal tradition. And prom season, that magical time in America when teenagers across the country emerge from their winter slumber and get decked to the nines, is just around the corner.

From sea to shining sea, prom acts as the receptacle for every teenager's wildest imaginings. For one night, life might be a little bit more glamorous. Not even celebrities, who live with a certain constant degree glamor, are impervious to the pull of prom night.

So, break out your formalwear and get into your time machine. Let's go back in time to this single night poised on the cusp of adulthood. See how it all went down for stars like Delilah Belle, Kylie Jenner, and more.

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Taylor Swift

We bet Swift mentally penned her high school anthem, "Long Live," while at prom.

Drake showed up to his younger cousin's prom in Memphis, Tennessee, and posed for pictures both at Jalaah's house and at the banquet hall. His black turtleneck complemented the pair's gold sequin get-ups.
Dinah Jane

The Fifth Harmony member wore a ball gown worthy of a "staircase moment" to her prom in 2015.
Delilah Belle Hamlin

Appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills throughout her childhood, Delilah Belle grew up under a sheen of stardom. Now signed with IMG Models, Delilah's building her own career.

Delilah wore a Bec & Bridge velvety dress to her boyfriend's senior prom.
Kylie Jenner

Jenner showed up to the Rio Americana High School in Sacramento to accompany Albert Ochoa to prom, a senior in need of a date. Ochoa's classmates, naturally, freaked out.
Lily-Rose Depp

In 2016, Johnny Depp's daughter aimed for a classic Hollywood look in this glamorous peach gown. In the photo, she's posing with her friend Harley Quinn Smith, daughter of film director Kevin Smith.
Ariel Winter

The Modern Family star wore similarly lacy, form-fitting gowns to her 2015 and 2016 proms, which she attended with her boyfriend at the time.
Presley Gerber

In this all-black getup, Cindy Crawford's 16-year-old son was following along his mother's fashionable footsteps.
Paris Jackson

Some people match ties to dresses. Paris Jackson took that devotion one step further, dying her hair teal to match her date's dress.
Elle Fanning

When Fanning had to miss her senior prom to be in Cannes, her date flew out to France to recreate the evening. With her Zuhair Murad Couture dress and Tiffany jewels, Elle pulled off the glitziest fake prom of all time.
Jaden Smith & Amandla Stenberg

When you need a last-minute prom date, who ya gonna call? Jaden Smith, of course! In 2015, Will Smith's fashion-forward son wore a dress to accompany the Hunger Games star.
Lottie Moss

Kate Moss' younger sister may be a model, but her taste doesn't only run high fashion. She wore a $67 Missguided Maxi Dress to the British version of prom.
Maude Apatow

Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann's daughter (pictured right) was très chic in this white satin gown.
Gigi Hadid

Let's get real: Prom is really just an excuse to take photos. Gigi couldn't choose, so she chose 'em all.
Bella Thorne

Who says you have to wear a floor-length gown to prom? Bella Thorne pulls off the half-length dress swimmingly, thank you very much.
Jaden Smith, Again

The interesting prom fashion choices just keep rolling for Jaden Smith. In 2015, he wore an all-white bat cape to the dance.
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