Watch Out Trader Joe's! We Had No Idea Amazon Had Its Own Line Of Snack Food

Amazon is pretty much a one-stop shop for anything these days, from beauty to furniture. So we weren't surprised when recently Amazon rolled out grocery delivery services through both Prime Now and AmazonFresh. But, in case we thought the mega-retailer had totally stopped shocking us, we were totally unprepared for its most recent foray into food: it's own line of snacks, Wickedly Prime.

Currently, Wickedly Prime is available through several Amazon platforms, including regular It is, however, only available to Prime members. Wickedly Prime products are also eligible for 15% discounts through the Subscribe and Save feature.

Right now, there are only six products in the Wickedly Prime line, and while Amazon won't comment on future releases, we bet we are just seeing the beginning.

Ahead, the current line of Wickedly Prime foods. And trust us, these prices are good.

A mix of caramel and cheddar popcorn is a Midwestern tradition — but R29ers who hailed from all parts of the country liked this salty-sweet mix.

Wickedly Prime Sweet 'n' Cheesy Popcorn Mix, $4.99, available at Amazon.
Nuts roasted with the shell on develop a different flavor. Of course, nuts roasted with no shells are way easier to eat. Wickedly Prime splits the difference with soft-shell almonds that are easy to shell without chipping your manicure.

Wickedly Prime Soft Shell Almonds, $7.99, available at Amazon.
Blue corn chips are an easy way to dress up a guac appetizer.

Wickedly Prime Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, $2.67, available at Amazon.
Currently, the majority of Wickedly Fresh's line is gluten-free certified, including its classic yellow corn tortilla chips.

Wickedly Prime Organic Tortilla Chips, $2.19, available at Amazon.
If you like sweet potatoes, you'll love this take on them. Great for dips, nachos, or even plain snacking.

Wickedly Prime Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips, $3.99, available at Amazon.
These cookies have three different types of chocolate: Belgian, dark, and milk. Knowing that, we wanted these cookies to be super chocolatey. But even if it wasn't a crazy chocolate fest, they were still good for a pantry cookie (and easy to snack on for dessert).

Wickedly Prime Crispy Chocolate Cookies, $4.99, available at Amazon.
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