Leo DiCaprio Got To Feast His Eyes On #SaltBae's Artwork

Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe has cracked the code to befriending celebrities. The secret, it seems, is elaborate meat seasoning.

Ever since a video of him artfully chopping and salting a steak — or "blessing the meat," as he calls it — went viral, his steakhouse Nusr-Et has expanded to New York and London, someone's made a portrait of him out of salt, and a pro soccer player mimed his choreography on the field, The Telegraph reports. Rihanna even wore a shirt showing him in the midst of his seasoning dance.

Over the course of these events, Gökçe went from an Internet meme to a friend of Leo DiCaprio's. An Instagram photo spotted by The Independent shows him putting his famous seasoning while the actor watches. (As DiCaprio is a known vegetarian, it's likely not his steak that's receiving the #saltbae's handiwork.) You can actually see the salt flakes falling.

Leo looks bafflingly nonchalant about the whole thing. What he may fail to realize is that the steak on the table has just received a blessing.

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