20 Surprisingly Festive Jell-O Shots To Make For The Holidays

Maybe you live for the Holidays. Maybe the thought of getting stuck at the "kids" table yet again, or caught talking to that crazy aunt, boils your blood. Or, maybe you just fall somewhere in the "eh" shoulder-shrugging neutral zone. Whatever your feelings may be on these frantic and festive times, we've got a little something up our sleeves that we hope might up the general merriment factor. Hear us out on this genius holiday cure-all: Jell-O shots.

Part 1950s delicacy, part rowdy college dorm-party appetizer (?) — these gelatinous cocktails are a surefire way to bring the kumbaya to any forced family get-together. Easy to customize and whip up, you can surprise your brood with a tray of creamy eggnog shots. Or get the whole gang involved in crafting some jiggly (and boozy) gingerbread people.

Yes, these recipes and more exist. So click on for some holiday-survival inspiration — and maybe even to spread a little holly, jolly cheer while you're at it.

Photo: Courtesy of Pint Sized Baker.
Strawberry Champagne Jello Shots
A whole new way to toast the new year.
Photo: Courtesy of Tip Buzz.
Layered Holiday Jello Shots
A tray of festive Jell-O shots is just a few layered holiday colors and your favorite liquor away.
Photo: Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.
Gingerbread People Jell-O Shots
These gingerbread people may look innocent enough — but believe us, they pack a punch (keep them away from the kiddos).
Photo: Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.
Cranberry Jell-O Shots
Keep things classy with a tray of these frosted cranberry shots.
Photo: Courtesy of Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.
Fruitcake Jelly Shots
This recipe is the exception to the rule — the rule being to never bring fruitcake to a party.
Photo: Courtesy of E Is For Eat.
Eggnog Jell-O Shots
When regular eggnog just won't cut it, break out the shots.
Photo: Courtesy of Bakers Royale.
Peppermint Mocha Jell-O Shots
Get buzzed on pure holiday spirit. Oh, and booze.
Photo: Courtesy of Feast + West.
Gourmet Apple Cider Bourbon Jell-O Shots
Like a hot toddy, but cool and jiggly.
Photo: Courtesy of Sugar & Charm.
Hard Apple Cider Jell-O Shots
Pair your grandma's fresh apple pie with a few of these.
Photo: Courtesy of Sugar & Charm.
Jameson Jell-O Shots
Helping to make mint jelly cool again, one jello shot at a time!
Photo: Courtesy of Erica's Sweet Tooth.
Chocolate Brownie Pudding Shots
We'll be munching on these brownie shots for dessert.
Photo: Courtesy of I'm Bored Let's Go.
Candy-Cane Martini Jell-O Shots
While the idea of a candy cane martini may sound a little repulsive, this rendition just feels so right.
Photo: Courtesy of Sugar & Cloth.
Champagne Jell-O Shots
We will be taking a spoon to a bowl of these sparkly champagne shots.
Photo: Courtesy of Bakers Royale.
Jagerbomb Jelly Shots
Jagerbombs have truly never looked better.
Photo: Courtesy of Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.
Orange Meringue Jelly Shots
Pair these jiggly meringues with some dark chocolate.
Photo: Courtesy of Bakers Royale.
Royal Velvet Jell-O Shots
To be consumed by the fire on a wintry eve.
Photo: Courtesy of Food Polka.
White Russian Jell-O Shot
Best served with a side of hot espresso.
Photo: Courtesy of The Watering Mouth.
Apple & Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots
Delight the crowd with a tray of these mini boozy slices.
Photo: Courtesy of Sugar & Charm.
Champagne & Chambord Jigglers
Pass around a tray of these festive "jigglers" to really get the party started.
Photo: Courtesy of Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.
Santa's Hat Jelly Shots
We're pretty sure that Santa was the original recipe tester for these.
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