The Best Unexpected Places To Look For Halloween Costume Inspiration

When you're an adult, the Halloween stakes can feel even higher than they did when you were growing up. You no longer care about getting the most full-size candy bars (there is nothing fun about fun-size), or hitting up the most houses on your block. You care about showing up with an original, creative costume that you won't see 10 other people wearing.

This year, solve the Halloween dilemma by logging into one of these six apps. Chances are, you already have some of them downloaded on your phone. Instead of going to them for their intended purposes, including to learn about museum exhibits and the top spring runway trends, use them as the ultimate sources of truly unique costume inspiration.

Click through to see where to get some fresh ideas. And, if all else fails, you can always pick your favorite Snapchat filter.

This article was originally published on October 5, 2016.

Photo: Google Arts & Culture.
If You Love Art

Download: Google Arts & Culture (free, iOS and Android)

Bring a painterly approach to your costume. Click the menu button in the upper left-hand corner and select "Artists." Here, you'll see some of the most famous and recognizable painters, from Frida Kahlo to Edgar Degas. Go as one of the latter's famous ballerinas, or wear pastels to transform into one of Monet's water lilies.
Photo: Etsy.
If You Want To Pull A Hat Trick

Download: Etsy (free, iOS and Android)

If you don't feel like committing fully to an outfit, just go with a statement-making headpiece or hair accessory. It's easy, won't cost as much as an entire outfit, and lets you transition from one party to another without worrying about being too overdressed. Search Etsy's collection of wigs, fascinators, and animal ears to find an original take on a fairy queen, Marie Antoinette, or a lioness. You an also search for fascinators and headpieces on Pinterest for more ideas.
Photo: Snapguide.
If You Prefer The DIY Makeup Route

Download: Snapguide (free, iOS)

The creators of Brit + Co. are also behind this arts and crafts and beauty DIY app. Buy an inexpensive face paint set (or use makeup you already own) and follow the app's many tutorials to transform yourself into a skeleton and other characters.
Photo: IMDb.
If You Are Pop-Culture Obsessed

Download: IMDb (free, iOS and Android)

IMDb might seem like an unconventional place to search for Halloween ideas, but the "Photo Galleries" page on the app is a hidden gem. Here, you'll find hundreds of images of characters from relevant movies and TV shows. Choose any of the popular picks (Stranger Things, anyone?), and you are guaranteed to avoid having to answer the dreaded question of the night: "Who are you dressed as?"
Photo: Vogue Runway.
If You Live & Breathe Edgy Fashion

Download: Vogue Runway (free, iOS)

You can go the haute couture route, carry a fake statuette, and say you're an Oscar winner. Or, you can search for inspiration among the wacky designs of Jeremy Scott. Find the designer in the Vogue Runway app, pick an ensemble that speaks to you, and craft a costume from party store supplies. Some of Scott's spring 2017 ready-to-wear looks appear to be from outer space while others look like sewing supplies (anyone else seeing a spool of thread?). Let people decide for themselves and, if asked, just say you're straight off the runway.
Photo: Covet Fashion.
If You Want To Buy A Costume You'll Wear Again

Download: Covet Fashion (free, iOS and Android)

Covet Fashion is technically a game — you pick a challenge and put together an outfit that other users vote on — but it's also an easy way to assemble a costume. Many of the challenges are costume themed already, such as one for a Mad Men-esque adwoman. And since you create an outfit using clothes from real-life brands, you can put together something you like and then follow the links to the brand's site to buy the clothes and accessories. You're more likely to re-wear something from a store you already buy from than a cheap outfit you've purchased at a Halloween shop, anyway, so it'll be a better investment in the long run.
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