13 Picture-Perfect Halloween Costumes For Snapchat Lovers

Snapchat isn't just a social app. It's a way of life. And if you're constantly using the app's silly (or beautifying) filters with your friends, it's only natural that you might want to dress up as your favorite one this year for Halloween.

But… Which one? And how best to do it?

We've rounded up some of our favorite Snapchat filters — and filter-inspired looks — that you can take from the small screen to the real world. Best of all, nearly all of them can be achieved on the cheap. (Halloween costumes don't need to cost hundreds to be memorable.) And if you've got one or more friends who want to get in on it — even better.

Read on for 13 Snaptastic Halloween costume ideas you can pull off this year.

Photo: Courtesy Moonlightbae.
A Doe-Eyed Deer

Ariana Grande would be all about this filter-inspired look. To cop the look of Snapchat's deer look, go heavy with the black liquid eyeliner and a pair of false eyelashes to make your eyes pop. Then, use some white, brown, and black face paint for your nose and forehead, and blend a little bronzer onto your cheeks.
Photo: Courtesy LaurenConrad.com.
For the rest of your look, take a cue from Lauren Conrad's elegant deer costume last year.

If you've got time to DIY, instructions on how to make your own deer ears (and antlers) are here — otherwise Etsy has got you covered.
Photo: @beyonce/Instagram.
Flower Crown

Whether Beyoncé has a secret Snapchat account or not is still up for debate. What's not: how beautiful a real-life flower crown looks. Head to your local florist to grab some carnations and baby's breath to mimic Beyoncé's take here.
Photo: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat.
Alternatively, you can grab some not-so-wiltable fake flowers from a craft store to make a crown you can wear to multiple parties. To mimic the look of the actual flower-crown filter, you'll want seven small yellow flowers, one red rose, two or three large daisy-like flowers, and one pink water lily.
Photo: Snapchat.
Black Lace Eye Mask

For a look that's seriously chic (and sexy), you can't beat the black lace eye mask. You can grab a mask from Wish for about a dollar. Otherwise, paint your lips in a pouty red and accentuate your eyes with black eyeliner and a medium brown shadow, leaving undereye makeup minimal. Add matching lace gloves, or black elbow-length gloves to complete your costume if you're also wearing a gown.
Golden, Glittering Butterfly Crown

Celebrities love it, we love it. For your own version of this filter IRL, grab a pack of fake yellow butterflies from a craft store (12 for $7 here), some lightweight craft wire, and glittery yellow tulle fabric. Shape the wire into a circle slightly bigger than your head, then wrap it with some of the glittery netting. Next, glue on the butterflies.

Alternatively, you can go all '90s girl and grab a bunch of plastic butterfly hair clips.
Photo: Snapchat.
Cartoon Bunny

For this filter, try drawing ears on stiff white felt or poster board, then cut them out and affix to a headband. For the nose and whiskers — pink facepaint or lipstick on the tip of your nose, and black eyeliner streaked across your cheeks. A white or pink party dress and heels will complete the look nicely.
Photo: Snapchat.
Golden Eyes

The Snapchat version of thug life? Throw on a gold pair of shades (cheap models are on Amazon here and here) and a plain black hat and you've mastered this filter in real life. On its own it may not feel very costume-y, but paired with a couple other Snapchat-related looks, it could make part of an excellent group costume.
Photo: YouTube.
Puking Rainbow Mouth

And then, who can forget last year's Snapchat filter-costume du jour, puking rainbow mouth? You can get the lowdown on how to recreate this look yourself here.
Photo: Snapchat.
Green Alien

For something on the sillier side, with face paint, make your face candy apple green, and then give yourself an extra big smile extending from the corners of your lips. Then, slip on a green "metallic disco ball bopper headband" ($2) with a pair of large googly eyes hot-glued on. Finish off your outfit with a futuristic silver space suit, or an all-green ensemble.
Sleepy Teddy Bear

Need a little shut-eye post Halloween festivities? This costume makes the transition easy. Buy a cute sleeping mask, like this Fitglam option ($8.95, available on Amazon), and a headband with cute bear ears. If you want to go for the full effect, don a robe and slippers.
Bedazzled Bunny

This one's easy: Buy a headband with bunny ears attached and glitter paint pens. Then, take ten minutes to draw on sparkly stars. Hop to it.
Ghoulish Ghost

Dressing up as a ghost is easy, but you can put a clever spin on the Snapchat icon with this tutorial from influencer Sam Ushiro. Wear white and carry these emoji balloons for a fun take.
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