Rihanna At The Dentist Is 2015's Taylor Swift At The Gym

This story was originally published on June 6th, 2015.

Celebrities are not like us. Okay, fine — in the "we have to pay taxes," "we have to sit in traffic," "we have annoying errands to run" way, sure, there’s an even playing field. But, even so, they tend to look a little more glamorous in their dentist-appointment sweats than we do.

What started as one or two pictures of Rihanna leaving her dentist in New York quickly became seven different appointment-departure looks since October. We’re very conscious of our oral health as well, but that’s a lot of tooth time. And, because Rihanna never skips the chance to make a statement, every dental visit required an inimitable ensemble. Even the sweats.

The last time we saw a celebrity so regularly photographed running an ordinary errand was Taylor Swift and her always-polished, always-camera-ready post-workout outfits from the summer of 2014. So, with that, click on to see why Rihanna at the dentist is 2015's Taylor at the gym. (Sorry, Kim and Kanye picking up your daughter from dance school.)

Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images.
When turning looks is life, but your tooth hurts so damn bad.
It started in October of 2014. A stretchy, past-the-knee skirt and New Balances sound a bit like "I grabbed whatever I saw first." But, we're into the addition of a graphic tee and tiny Louis Vuitton handbag, giving a ladylike touch to a granny-meets-athleisure ensemble.
Later in the same month, there were leggings. But, with a furry statement topper and sleek cat-eye frames, this look feels a bit too special for wearing a paper bib.
Photo: NCP/Star Max/Getty Images.
It's December 2014, and we see another statement topper. This time, it's Chanel, and she's wearing it with construction boots. NBD.
February calls for layers. This is far from the most inspired Rihanna ensemble, but when's the last time you wore platforms to run an errand?
This makes us wonder if Rihanna's doing the socks-and-sandals look because she loved the way the Olsens wore them or because, you know, it's the dentist.
Photo: 247PAPS.TV/Splash News.
In May — which for New Yorkers was basically March — RiRi again complemented baggy, ripped jeans and a baseball cap with a feminine, pastel, structured chain-strap bag.
Photo: Josiah Kamau/Getty Images.
Finally, this past week, Rihanna — sans goodie bag of floss and mini toothpaste — exited her dentist's office once again. Yes, she's in a hoodie and cropped jeans, but her top says "Billionaire Girls' Club." And, really, we would only be able to wear that ironically.
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