Stop Stressing About These 10 Things Right Now

Everyone knows that from your career path to investing your money, it can seriously pay to plan. But the secret to happiness isn’t just about getting to your goals. In fact, sometimes it’s about the things you don’t do — like stressing out daily over your bank balance or sneaking away from dinner with friends to check your work emails (guilty).

We’re not advocating full-on slackerdom, of course. But knowing when not to sweat the small stuff — and in the long run, skipping a spin class is really small stuff — can seriously take the pressure off and maybe even open you up to enjoying life’s little unplanned moments instead. So, inspired by Oui by Yoplait French Style Yogurt — one of our favorite ways to slow down and enjoy the moment — we’re bringing you a definitive list of things you can officially stop worrying about, right this second. Trust us: Sometimes, doing less is actually more fulfilling...or at least more fun.

Illustrated by Ariel Davis
Washing Your Hair

If you're one of those people who's useless to the world without an a.m. shower, then go right ahead. But for the rest of us, the ones who run on coffee and who maybe stayed a little too late at karaoke last night, there's no shame in hitting snooze and skipping your morning shower and shampoo. You might even find that your second-day hair looks better. If not — hey, that's what dry shampoo and topknots were invented for.
Illustrated by Ariel Davis
Putting On Pants

Pants: They're basically what separates humankind from the animals. And yet, there is truly nothing more glorious than a good, lazy Sunday lounging around the apartment sans pants, preferably while watching reality TV. We can't explain it, but we don't fight it, either. If you're not ready to take the pantsless plunge, then, yes, yoga pants that you've never actually worn to yoga are fine, too.
Illustrated by Ariel Davis
Freaking Out Over Food

We're all guilty of overcomplicating things when it comes to food. But it's simple, really: Eating well should feel good. So forget elaborate rules and restrictive diets, and go back to basics. We like Oui by Yoplait because it's thick and creamy, poured and set in each glass pot, and made with simple ingredients. It's pretty much the easiest way to do something nice for yourself.
Illustrated by Ariel Davis
Hitting The Gym Every Day

Working up a good sweat in spin class, stretching it out at barre, getting your first pull-up at CrossFit — these are definitely good things. But forcing yourself to hit the gym six or seven days a week can be way too much of a good thing.

Your body needs rest days for recovery and to avoid burnout. So if you find yourself dragging through your days or shooting shady looks at your overly peppy Vinyasa instructor, take a day off. Then come back even harder.
Illustrated by Ariel Davis
Saving Money

Yes, every woman should have an emergency fund and save for retirement if she can. But if you've got that covered? Try not to stress too hard about saving every dime. It's okay to splurge on dinner with your buds, grab a sale fare to Reykjavik, or just buy the Bluetooth speaker you spot in store instead of spending hours searching online for a better deal.

In short: Have a plan to save what you need to, but give yourself permission to spend when it truly makes your life easier or happier.
Illustrated by Ariel Davis
Stressing Out Over Your Inbox

When did getting an email or text go from being a nice surprise to an panic-inducing emergency? Sure, it's no bueno to let your boss' email languish in your inbox, and no one wants to be the last person to reply when the group chat's on fire. But the truth is, the urge you feel to immediately respond to every electronic communication is not only sapping your focus, it's the definition of self-imposed pressure.

Give yourself some breathing room by asking yourself if it's truly urgent or setting certain hours aside to reply to messages. Your productivity will improve as much as your sanity.
Illustrated by Ariel Davis
Your "Things To Do By 30" List

We're not saying throw your goals out the window. But if you're pressuring yourself to achieve something — whether it's buying a house, landing your dream job, or getting married — by a certain age, you're probably either comparing your life to someone else's or sticking to a script you wrote when you were 12.

Don't be afraid to re-evaluate your goals or change your timeline completely if you need to. That way, instead of feeling bad for what you haven't accomplished yet, you'll get motivated to live your most kickass life now.
Illustrated by Ariel Davis
Getting 8 Hours Every Night

Sure, studies say adults need eight or even nine hours of sleep a night — but that doesn't mean you have to immediately vacate the bar and head home the minute the Bedtime app rings on your iPhone. The truth is, most people can function just fine on six hours of sleep now and again — just don't make a habit of it. Also, don't forget the life-giving power of the occasional catnap.
Illustrated by Ariel Davis
Being Afraid To Use Your Vacation Days

Everyone needs a break from work now and again — but according to a recent survey, Americans are really bad at vacations, with most workers using only half their paid time off each year. The reason? Fear. Fear of work piling up, of not being able to catch up, and of appearing less dedicated. But you don't do yourself — or your employer — any favors by working yourself into a frazzled ball of stress.

So make a pact to actually use up your vacation days this year. If this is really hard for you, ask yourself who you would rather work alongside: a burned-out cubicle drone or a rested, refreshed coworker who can tell you the best hiking trails in Peru?
Illustrated by Ariel Davis
Caring What People Say On Social Media

There are exceptions to this, like if someone compliments the exquisite brows in your latest selfie, enjoy it — nay, cherish it. But when encountering any type of drama, shade, or negativity, remember the golden rule of happiness on social media: Just smile and keep scrolling. Life's too short to worry about the opinions of some rando on the internet. That goes double when you're in the comments of any news article on Facebook, ever.
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