Stop Stressing About These 10 Things Right Now

Illustrated by Ariel Davis
Everyone knows that from your career path to investing your money, it can seriously pay to plan. But the secret to happiness isn’t just about getting to your goals. In fact, sometimes it’s about the things you don’t do — like stressing out daily over your bank balance or sneaking away from dinner with friends to check your work emails (guilty).
We’re not advocating full-on slackerdom, of course. But knowing when not to sweat the small stuff — and in the long run, skipping a spin class is really small stuff — can seriously take the pressure off and maybe even open you up to enjoying life’s little unplanned moments instead. So, we’re bringing you a definitive list of things you can officially stop worrying about, right this second. Trust us: Sometimes, doing less is actually more fulfilling...or at least more fun.

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