8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Feb 02 2015

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl last night! This is their fourth time as champions, and cements Tom Brady's legacy as the best quarterback of his generation.

What we would give to see Taylor Swift's shocked face when she saw this Instagram Mariska Hargitay and Ellen Pompeo snapped, in honor of their feline namesakes.

Director Crystal Moselle's Unlocking the Wolfpack is a strange tale of isolated brothers locked in a tiny NYC apartment you want to learn more about.

The Washington Post offers up some hilariously insulting obits for men, in response to the uproar over Colleen McCullough's "plain" and "overweight" obit. Sorrynotsorry wrinkly potato FDR.

Before you take the huge relationship step of combining finances with your partner, make sure you ask yourself these questions

This video shows how surgeons are using 3D printing to replace skeletal structure and it's completely incredible.

Monster.com tweeted a really clever ad for a social media manager who might be looking for a job. 

We have no idea what Nationwide  was thinking with their "here's all the ways your kid could die" ad, but as expected, the internet mocking was swift and harsh.


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