Why You Need To Start Using Peptides. Right. Now.

Even if fine lines and wrinkles may not be creeping up just yet, it’s never too early to start to slow down the sneaky hands of time. Enter: peptides. These short-chain amino acids (a.k.a. teeny-tiny protein links) spark the natural production of collagen, the fiber network that gives skin its plump and firm appearance. (Go to our Periodic Table of Beauty Elements to learn more about why peptides have the backing of countless skin experts.)
Here's why boosting collagen is crucial in the fight against skin aging. Ample, healthy collagen is one of the first things to slow from, well, simply aging. And constant confrontations with environmental aggressors — ultraviolet radiation, pollution, and stress — wreak havoc on skin, too. Peptides are incredibly effective, working their fountain-of-youth magic without any negative beauty side effects. Here, 11 peptide-packed products you'll love.

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