18 Haircuts Our Editors Are Taking To Their Stylists This Fall

Photo: Courtesy of Glenn Ellis.
There are few things as refreshing as walking into a salon looking one way, and walking out a totally different person. But the urge to get a complete hair makeover only comes about once — maybe twice — a year. And one of those times is right now on the cusp of fall.
Sure, some people may still be holding on to the last few weeks of summer, white-knuckling their way through August. But we're prepared to welcome the autumnal season with a whole new look. For us, fall means a potential new hair color (whether it's platinum or a partial highlight), cut, or at the very least, a style we haven't had the guts to try yet. Hell, it's fall — the season of change! — why not try something out of our comfort zone?
Needless to say, we have big hair plans for the upcoming months. If you need some added inspiration for your new fall look, we rounded up the cuts, colors, and styles our editors have been saving for this time of year. Our picks, ahead.
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"There are not a whole lot of people in this world who could ignite the urge in my soul to get baby bangs — but, apparently, Constance Wu is one of them." — Samantha Sasso, Beauty Writer
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Simple & straight @alyssalynch

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"I love walking into the salon and asking my stylist to make me look like a completely different person. On the other hand, this shoulder-grazing lob cut by Glen Ellis is just so clean and healthy that I can’t help but consider a basic trim the next time I make an appointment." — Sasso
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"I’ve been debating with my colorist whether or not I should go platinum once and for all — maybe this year is when I finally do it. Ever since Aura took Leighton Meester white-blonde earlier this year, I can’t stop thinking about it." — Sasso
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"I keep having these really amazing lucid dreams of having short hair. In these dreams, I wake up late, never suffer from 3 p.m. ponytail headaches, and look incredibly chic waiting for the bus. I'll never do it, but damn is it fun to think about." — Cat Quinn, Beauty Director
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"Back in reality, this is the photo I'm taking to my stylist for fall. Long, loose layers and easy waves, I don't know how to quit you." — Quinn
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"I own way too many red lipsticks to not get this hair color to match. Isn't it dreamy?" — Quinn
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"This no nonsense cut is speaking to me right now, partially because I think Greta Lee is the ultimate NYC cool girl, but also because I'm craving sharp lines and smooth texture after spending years wearing my hair wavy every day." — Lexy Lebsack, Senior Beauty Editor
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"The moment this pink hue came up in my discover feed I stopped, saved, and sent to my longtime colorist, Kari Hill. Maybe not now, maybe not this fall, but one day I will rock this color — and I'd only trust Hill to take me there. " — Lebsack
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"Full disclosure: Michaela is an old friend from middle school, but I haven't seen her in almost a decade. I came across her photo on the Instagram account of my salon Spoke & Weal and fell in love with her cut and color. I love the short baby bangs juxtaposed against her long, silver-meets-purple hair. The matching lilac shadow is a nice touch, too." — Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer & Host
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"Everything about this image makes me happy, from makeup artist Victoria Moore's strong cut to her abstract makeup. Her soft pink, pin-straight bob is a style I'm always striving for with my own color-treated hair." — Chan
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"I regularly consider subtly highlighting my naturally dark-red hair. The truth is I'm too gun-shy. But if I ever did make a change, I would bring my colorist this exact image, which I keep saved on my phone, and ask for just a few strands of golden, strawberry blonde woven through my hair. I would lie and tell my mom it was from the sun." — Megan Decker, Beauty Assistant
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"Call me boring, but I just want to cut my long, fine hair into a no-frills, non-layered, long lob. It's fresh and easy to style. Plus, how cute is Kristin Rodin's?!" — Decker
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"Every fall I get this deep need to get bangs. It's an urge that often goes away (usually when I realize the insane upkeep needed for bangs when you have hair as curly as mine). However, these long bangs on Jodie Comer seem like a perfect compromise." — Rachel Lubitz, Senior Beauty Editor
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"Emmy Rossum is a big hairspiration for me, and I painstaking tracked her trials with all kinds of curl products earlier this year. This look on her, with the face-framing layers, is something that I wanna take to my hairstylist pronto." — Lubitz
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"For me, fall is wig season. I wouldn't dare cut my natural hair this short (I've been trying to grow out a bit of heat damage for years), but I can get a bob without making an appointment with a stylist. This wig is one I've had my eye on for the last few months." — Jessica Cruel, Deputy Beauty Director
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"Typically I'm a twist-out kind of girl, but lately I've been attracted to picked-out Afro styles. It seems so low-maintenance (although with natural hair is anything every easy?), and I could condense what is typically a three-hour hair routine into one hour tops." — Cruel
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"Now that my hair is longer, I’ve had this urge to play with color. I’m not daring enough to try green or unicorn, but I've always wanted to do something subtle — I just couldn’t figure out what until I saw this look. I have the photo saved for when my pool days are over, because we all know coloring and chlorine aren’t a good mix." — Thatiana Diaz, Beauty Writer
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"Selena Gomez's curtain bangs work perfect for my hair texture because they can be worn curly or straight. With this fringe, I wouldn’t have to worry what the hell I’d do if I wanted to let out my natural curls." — Diaz

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