Alicia Silverstone Is So Much More Than Cher Horowitz

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There are few movies as close to my heart as Clueless. The funny, surprisingly feminist flick coined plenty of quotable quips ("As if!") but it also gave us something else equally important. Cher Horowitz, portrayed by Alicia Silverstone, was a thoughtful high schooler as fiercely independent as she was fashionable. Sure, Cher didn't always get things right (her makeover of Tai was a bit self-serving at first) but she did, like, actually care about becoming the best version of herself and stuff. And really, isn't that all we can ask of any teenager?
Cher Horowitz is a movie icon, and Silverstone a star for having portrayed her. Now, Silverstone is introducing the world to someone else: American Woman's Bonnie. The soon-to-debut Paramount Network series stars Silverstone as a newly-single mom raising her daughters amid the rise of second-wave feminism in the '70s. (Bonnie just so happens to be inspired by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richard's real-life mother.)
There's no doubt that this is another Cher Horowitz-esque role for Silverstone, but let's not forget that the actress has crushed more than just Clueless. Here are all the important roles that Silverstone has stepped into — including quite a few somewhat forgotten, but also iconic parts.
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That Time She Was A Music Video Queen

Before starring in Clueless, Silverstone was cryin' along with Steven Tyler. In this video for "Cryin'," the actress plays a jilted girlfriend who finds sweet, sweet revenge... via bungee jumping from an overpass.

She also appeared in Aerosmith videos for "Crazy" and "Amazing," the former of which was alongside The Leftovers' (and Tyler's real-life daughter) Liv Tyler.
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That Time She Made Everyone Uncomfortable In The Crush

Long before Swimfan or Netflix's You Get Me rounded out the "teen girls be crazy, amirite?" genre, Silverstone played Darien, a girl who becomes obsessed with her writer neighbor. This involves locking his pseudo-girlfriend in a room with a bunch of wasps and, in one particularly problematic scene, framing him for sexual assault.

This is one '90s movie that is best viewed through the lens of nostalgia.
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The Time She Played A Superhero

In 1997, Alicia Silverstone became the only actress to don the batsuit. She portrayed Barbara Wilson, a.k.a. Batgirl, in Joel Schumacher's unfortunately-maligned Batman and Robin. I, personally, appreciated her spunk.
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The Time She Played Cher On The Worst Timeline Possible

In 1997, Silverstone starred in Excess Baggage, a film about a spoiled heiress so desperate for her father's affection, she fakes her own kidnapping... and then ends up kidnapped for real. What's particularly notable about this film is that Silverstone, just 21 at the time of the film's release, produced it.
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The Time She Scored A Golden Globe Nod

Though the show was ultimately short-lived, Silverstone earned a Golden Globe nod for her role on the comedy Miss Match. The series, which lasted just one season, starred Silverstone as a lawyer and high-end matchmaker who can't get her own romantic life in order.
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The Time She Had Style

The actress tried on a Southern twang for the role of Lynn from Blue Ridge in Beauty Shop, opposite Queen Latifah.
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That Time She Convinced This Writer To Become A Vegetarian

Braceface, the animated series which Silverstone both executive produced and voiced the titular character of, was well ahead of its time. The main character, Sharon Spitz, is a pre-teen girl who, in one episode, gets her period on a first date. (This was 2003, and this was pretty much the most woke thing I had ever seen.) Silverstone, a vocal vegan, also infused some of her animal rights activism into the show: In one episode, Sharon gets a job at a meat factory, only to be faced with the reality that, oh, right, meat is made from animals. She's then a vegetarian with a passion for French fries for the rest of the series.

Also, yes: I gave up meat because an animated character with Alicia Silverstone's voice told me to. Now you know.
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That Time She Reunited With Her Clueless Co-Star

In 2012, Silverstone reunited with Jeremy Sisto, who played her jerky Clueless classmate Elton, for an arc on Suburgatory. There's even a Clueless reference! Silverstone also pokes fun at her off-screen persona, as her character, Eden, is also a vegan. Cue main character Tess (Jane Levy) throwing major shade at "wheat meat."

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