Valley Girl Is Ready To Totally One-Up All Your Nostalgia Binges

Photo: Courtesy of Orion Classics.
A remake of the original totally awesome 1980s classic Valley Girl is here, and it’s packed with more nostalgic music and fashion than you can handle
Set in 1980s Southern California, the trailer opens with cool mom Julie (Alicia Silverstone) explaining to her teenage daughter (Camila Morrone) about how heartbreak doesn’t last forever, via her own lace-and-neon teen love story in the style of Romeo and Juliet
In a saturated flashback, we learn the story of Julie (young Julie is played by Jessica Rothe), who is first seen singing “We Got the Beat” by The Go-Go’s while perched on a mall fountain. At least, that’s how older she remembers it. 
The trailer goes on to show Julie and her friends from the Valley head into Hollywood for a wild night, complete with Julie invoking Madonna in head-to-toe white lace and meeting Randy (Josh Whitehouse), a wild rock guy who is in a band. 
There’s a party, and Logan Paul is there, playing the worst sort of ex-boyfriend because obviously he’s perfect to play a villain and guess what? He gets punched in the face! 
If you can’t see where this is going: her friends don’t like him, and his friends don’t like her. Her dream is to attend a fashion school in New York, her parents don’t approve, there’s more singing, and presumably a happy ending. 
If you do know where this is going, it’s a great time to revisit the glorious original starring a young Nicolas Cage in one of his first big screen roles. Released in 1983, the film kind of set the tone for the rest of the decade. The entire U.S. discovered the important phrase “totally awesome.” Available for the first time on demand, you can see it on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and other places you can buy or rent movies. Bitchin’.
The ‘80s teen dream remake is coming to all platforms on May 8.

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