Every Single Way You Can Sip Rosé This Summer

If you thought there was only one way to rosé this summer, well, you thought wrong. As the pink-hued drink continues to dominate the warm-weather booze scene, so do trendy new ways to enjoy it. Not only has this seasonal craze blossomed outside of the wine category into a range of different spirits (from tequila to gin), but it's also transformed the actual vessels we sip it in (from cans to forty ouncers).
With all these new ways to rosé, it's easy to fall behind the times. To stay on top of the trend, we're breaking down all of the available varieties ahead. Maybe you're looking for a standard bottle, or maybe you feel like venturing into the more novel canned cider and hard seltzer territories. Whatever your sipping preference, an option exists to quench all "summer water" thirsts and for any drinking occasion — from non-alcoholic to tequila, and beach soirees to picnics.
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It's tough to go wrong with standard rosé chilled and sipped the way it was intended.
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Feeling a little fancier than standard? Opt for a bottle of sparkling — ideal for popping on special summer occasions.
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Considered a light and refreshing alternative to wine and a phenomenal food pairing, rosé ciders are one of the season's hottest new beverages. Spanning from classic heritage apple ciders to more modern berry-blends, the variety of available canned and bottled options is broad and beautiful.
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Now the alcohol-free crowd can sip rosé this summer with Welch's new non-alcoholic, sparkling bottle. Made from a blend of Green Niagara and Concord grapes to achieve its pink hue, the flavor is slightly less sweet than Welch's original sparkling grape juice with an added refreshing crispness.
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Hard Seltzer
Not to be mistaken with cider, rosé in hard seltzer form is a flavored malt beverage. Nauti Seltzer's cans are packed with sparkling flavors of orange, peach, raspberries, and cherry that mimic the wine's fruit forward profile.
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Aside from portability, chilled wine just seems to taste crisper out of a can. Going the rosé route this summer feels like an easy no-brainer when you're on the move and temperatures are high — especially where beaches are concerned.
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Wölffer Estate, the millennial pink drink magic maker, ventures from wine to spirits with its rosé gin — distilled in a copper still using a mix of juniper berries, cardamon, coriander, fresh mint, and red grape skin extract to create a full-bodied and slightly spicy alcohol. We already have plans to whip up some specialty rosé gin and tonics at upcoming summer happy hours.
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Forget ordering your standard vodka soda at the bar, rosé vodka sodas are about to be all the rage. Hangar 1 crafts this unique rosé vodka by combining its classic spirit (distilled from grains and grapes) with a Californian rosé (made from a blend of Petit Verdot and White Meritage). The resulting creation contains a crisp and acidic vodka finish with the fruity and floral forwardness of a sweet summer rosé.
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Forty Ounce
The Forty Ounce Wines rosé is made in France with organic farming methods. So, who's up for replacing cornhole with "Edward Rosé Fortyhands" at cookouts this summer?
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Summertime margaritas are about to undergo a major makeover with Código 1530's Rosa Tequila. The pink spirit is made by resting the company's Blanco tequila for one month in a French White Oak Napa Cabernet barrel, where the natural agave flavor and floral notes are blended and enriched. Forget frosé and serve frozen rosé margaritas at your next warm weather bash.

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