5 Muslim Women On Why Muslim Women's Day Matters

Representation matters. If you never see yourself in mainstream media, on the big screen, or even in the heroines of the latest YA novel, it's isolating. The women who started MuslimGirl wanted to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to see themselves in popular culture. This is why the created Muslim Women’s Day in 2017 — and the movement took off. On the second annual Muslim Women's Day, here are five women who work at MuslimGirl reflecting on why this day is so meaningful to them, and the impact they hope it has on the world.
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Meriam Meraay, Writer & Social Media Coordinator
Age: 18 years old
Why is MWD so important? To me, Muslim Women’s Day means a whole day to celebrate women like me. Finally, the women that raised me are being recognized for their strength. It means that the world acknowledges Muslim women for who we are instead of who society claims us to be. The exposure of female Muslim voices all over the media on this day means that girls like me have accurate representation and can look to role models just like us. Muslim women can speak for ourselves. Give a Muslim girl a mic and see the wonders that she can do.
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Rhianna Beaumont, Content Editor
Age: 26 years old
Location: London, UK
Why is MWD so important? Having Muslim Women's Day is so important because this is the only time of year mainstream platforms actually showcase the voices of Muslim women in conversations that concern them. At no other time of year is this done and most definitely not on this scale. This movement towards a more authentic narrative within the media, actually going to the source rather than having the source written about by a third party, is new and it's gaining momentum. With the rise of the internet and ease of access to information, over the years, has slowly but surely made it more and more difficult for media companies to skimp on how they report a story. Consumers want more diversity and want to see themselves reflected in the media they consume, we are happy that some major players in the game are starting to perk up and listen to the voice of the masses and include the voices of Muslim women this Muslim Women’s Day.
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Zaimah Abbas, Social Media Manager
Age: 25 years old
Location: Connecticut
Why is MWD so important? To me Muslim Women's Day means giving a chance to the Muslim Women and Girls who often feel like their voices aren't heard a chance to celebrate themselves and speak unapologetically. Celebrating women always and Muslim women on this day especially is important because it reminds people that Muslim women are also creators and changemakers who lack everyday representation in the media, but by providing opportunities like this, we hope that one day seeing a Muslim woman star in a Netflix special won't be revolutionary but rather the norm.
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Maysoon Khatib, Managing Editor
Age:45 years old
Location: Murray, Kentucky
Why is MWD so important? Muslim Women’s Day is more than just one day out of the year assigned to a group of underrepresented people. It’s empowering because we didn’t wait for someone to give it to us. When we were ignored, we let our presence be known. When we were stereotyped, we crushed those perpetuated images by lending our own voice. When our sisters felt alone, we made room at the table, embraced them and listened to their stories. Muslim Women’s Day celebrates everything we are, and it’s a reminder to the world that we are growing in numbers, we are strong and we aren’t going anywhere. On the contrary, we’ve taking the mic to amplify our voices for the people in the back. Can you hear us now?
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Nehal Nasser, Writer
Age: 29 years old
Location: Brooklyn, New York.
Why is MWD so important? To me, Muslim Women’s Day means representation. It meaning reclaiming our narrative, lifting our voices, telling our stories. It means living 100% authentically, without compromising any parts of ourselves to conform to society’s expectations. It means my daughter can grow up in a world where she can find women that look like here doing incredible things in all sectors of society.

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