The Best New Skin-Care Products To Hit Ulta This Summer

Summer, as the forecast may have alerted you, is in full swing. The temperatures are breaking records, the sun has stuck around a little longer, and the unsettling notion that we're all just getting a taste of what it might be like to walk the earth post-apocalypse has washed away with the rain. Now that the heat waves have passed (fingers crossed), better days are ahead... or, at the very least, a better, more temperate end to the season.
But if your seasonal depression has been lingering for so long that you're starting to think you have actual depression, it's probably time to see a licensed mental-health professional. Or, alternatively, you could try out some retail therapy first, at one place that's already in full bloom: Ulta Beauty, baby.
The newest arrivals at the beauty superstore are more than enough to get you to stop monitoring the weather forecast and start refreshing the shipment tracking info for the order you'll inevitably place instead. The skin-care section is particularly optimistic, a long list of sleep cocoons, instant youthful radiance masks, recharging serums, and recovery concentrates, that will help you lighten up a little until the leaves start to turn. (We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.)
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Highly-efficacious face masks tend to come from prestigious brands, which is why innovations in skin care often require a small investment. But this $24 electromagnetic face mask is one of our favorite exceptions to the rule. The black, iron-based formula and the magnetic wand work in tandem to pull dirt and oil from your pores, which is not only fun to watch and tingly to experience, it actually does something. While not new, it just dropped in Ulta, which means you can now add it to your e-cart while shopping for eyeshadow.
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This delightful new mask is much more than its bouncy, mousse-like texture (though that certainly does help): Its highly underrated hero ingredient, the humble egg white, contains the protein albumin, which helps tighten pores and clear blackheads.
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Another K-beauty launch featuring the pore-tightening magic of egg whites, this three-step nose-strip system is as satisfying as it gets. Smooth the first two strips onto skin after cleansing, and revel in the sight of all the gunk that was on your nose. Then follow up with the third step for ten minutes before patting the excess essence into your skin.
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As much as we try to avoid them, it's practically inevitable that we'll get a sunburn at one point or another this summer (the struggle is real). If you wake up and find yourself in desperate need of an ice pack after a long day at the beach, just pop this jelly moisturizer in the fridge for 30 minutes. Then, apply it all over for an ooh, ahh-inducing after-sun treatment thanks to the green coconut and white tea, which make the lightweight formula ultra-hydrating.

Shea Moisture Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal Body Jelly Moisturizer, $10.99, available at Shea Moisture.
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If you like sensory-deprivation tanks and Himalayan salt caves, then you'll love the Sound Sleep Cocoon — which, despite what the name would lead you to believe, is not a trendy new offering at an upscale holistic spa but rather a lightweight overnight treatment that promises to help lull you to sleep with aromatherapeutic lavender, sandalwood, and patchouli as it calms and brightens skin.
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A lightweight mineral-based sunscreen that goes on smooth, leaves zero residue, won't clog pores, and plays well under makeup is hard to find. An SPF 50 formula that does all of these things and only costs $12 is practically a unicorn.
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Throw out your Keurig machine and stock up on these masks instead: Each contains two different types of mineral clay, along with shea butter and moringa oil, to draw the gunk out of your pores without leaving skin dry. The only downside is that it doesn't come in a bigger, more environmentally-sound size.
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Coconut oil isn't for everyone, but if you live and die by the many uses of the divisive drupe, this lightweight, line-diminishing oil will do more than save your skin from dehydration and your hair from split ends — it'll also save you from having to stick your hand in a greasy jar just to scoop out a teaspoon of the good shit.
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Packed with probiotics, antioxidants, and soothing properties from allantoin and vitamin E, this upgrade from your average sheet mask looks cool, feels cool, and works even better. Because of the unique hydrogel material, it seems to melt into skin rather than just sitting on top of it — and, like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its silky chrysalis, leaves skin plump and glowy almost instantly.
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Traditionally produced in West Africa, with family recipes passed down from generation to generation, African black soap has been prized for centuries as a kind of panacea for skin problems ranging from breakouts and eczema to dark spots and acne scars. For the sake of convenience, SheaMoisture has now taken all the benefits of the beloved bar cleanser and bottled them up into foam form, which is especially good for oily, blemish-prone skin. It's also important to note that the brand remains fair-trade and directs a portion of its sales to women-led businesses and communities in Africa, as well as funding training and infrastructure that helps them to manufacture their own high-quality goods in their countries.
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Much like its sleek, no-nonsense packaging, this pressed serum — essentially a super-concentrated cream that looks thick and balmy in the jar but goes on weightless — means business. Alguronic acid, Algenist's proprietary nutrient-rich algae derivative, packs major regenerative power; an infusion of coconut water and green-tea extract makes it an antioxidant workhorse, too.
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The bottle looks like something Mother Nature would stock in her medicine cabinet, with a clean, vegan, cruelty-free formulation to match, but this oil transcends the hippie-dippie: The blend of anti-inflammatory blue tansy with hydrating and balancing jojoba, argan, and rose oils will win over even the smuggest skin-care snobs.
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Keeping metal spoons in your freezer to reduce under-eye bags requires a lot of forethought; this equally effective method of cooling and de-puffing warrants none at all. (And does anyone actually do the whole spoon thing, anyway?) With aloe vera, cucumber, hyaluronic acid, green tea, and the star ingredient of antioxidant CoQ10, this silky, fragrance-free rollerball completely eliminates the usual disadvantages of heavy eye creams.
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Sometimes the finest things in life are its simplest pleasures: a walk in the park, an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day, a bouquet of fresh flowers, a reunion with an old friend, a straightforward, reasonably-priced gel cleanser that rinses away makeup and lightly exfoliates with bamboo extract and jojoba beads while also being gentle and soothing enough for daily use on sensitive skin...
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Pores and wrinkles aren't the only things this lightweight formula blurs: It also blurs the line between skin care and primer, as a post-moisturizer, post-sunscreen step that both makes makeup last longer and offers long-term benefits while also helping to lock in all the products you've applied beforehand.
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