Every Theory About Those Grandpa Jack Photos On This Is Us

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By now, you've likely gone through all the stages of grief and have finally come to accept that Greatest TV Dad Ever, Jack Pearson, is really, truly gone. A faulty slowcooker may have ultimately slayed Milo Ventimiglia's beloved character, but at least fans can be comforted knowing that Jack will always live on in flashbacks. Except... what if that's not the only way we'll get to see Jack?
Intrigued? You should be. New behind-the-scenes photos from This Is Us suggest that we'll get to see Jack as he would look if he never went back in that house to save Kate's dog. These new photos, which you can see over on The Blast, show Jack with grey hair and a beard, standing next to Mandy Moore's Rebecca — in the present day timeline.
What the heck is going on here?!? There has to be a logical explanation for grandpa Jack's existence. Click through to read all the theories we have on why we're seeing a Jack who is much older than he was the day of his funeral.
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Photo: Courtesy of NBC
Kate Sees A Vision Of Jack At Her Wedding

We know that Kate (Chrissy Metz) is planning a big wedding to Toby (Chris Sullivan), despite the fact that Jack won't be able to walk her down the aisle. Kate's wedding would definitely bring up feelings about Jack, and the photos do look like the Pearson clan is at some formal event. Perhaps Kate looks out on the aisle and sees her mom sitting with Jack, as a way to show that Jack will always be watching over Kate, even if he's not physically present.
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Rebecca Is Also Dying

What would unite Rebecca and Jack? Tragically, the answer would be... death. A blind item from TVLine teases that a popular network show with less than three seasons would possibly have a main character receive a terminal cancer diagnosis — what if it's Rebecca? Perhaps we'll see the world through Rebecca's perspective, and find her reuniting with her first husband in the afterlife.

Poor Miguel, though.
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That's Not Grandpa Jack, But Uncle Nicky

Okay, so Jack's brother Nicky is supposedly dead. And yeah, he's not Jack's identical twin. But, it's also possible that Jack isn't being honest with his family about what he saw in Vietnam. Maybe Nicky did survive, but had a falling out with Jack over his behavior in the army — so Jack thought it was easier to tell his family that Nicky was, well, dead. (If you think this is a huge stretch, remember that Jack never told his own father about his wedding, wife or kids.)

Then there's this little interview with This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman from Entertainment Weekly, which suggests we have a lot to uncover about Jack.

"In many ways, Jack might be the character we still have the most to learn about, because he’s kept so many secrets in this period before we’ve really known him," Fogelman told the outlet. "Vietnam is going to be a big part of where we’re heading."
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Jack Never Died At All

Okay, so this one is definitely wishful thinking, but it has to be said: There are a million possibilities for how Jack's death could have never happened. The entire show, for all we know, could be a dream that Jack had on Super Bowl Sunday, prompting him to get up and turn off the Crockpot. It's also possible that This Is Us will show multiple timelines, including one in which Jack survived the fire or the fire never happened at all.

It's only season 2, people — this show still has time to go full Lost on us.
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