Here's Why This Is Us Fans Think Jack Will Die In The Show's Super Bowl Episode

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Fans of This Is Us are waiting, box of tissues in hand, for the episode airing right after the Super Bowl this Sunday.
We've long known that ultimate TV dad Jack Pearson will die at some point, but we still don't have all the details. The most recent episode gave us the most telling clue to date. We now know the cause of the fire that burned down the Pearson family home. Fans believe they have connected all the clues and they are not emotionally prepared for the next episode.
One Twitter user summed it up writing, "Jack died right after the Super Bowl of 1998 and we're going to watch him die on the night of the actual Super Bowl 2018...20 years later! Also, Randall saw 'Titanic,' and who dies in the movie... Jack to save... Kate(Rose)."
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This Is Us has become a show where loyal viewers expect to shed a tear or two every time they watch, but this theory blew fans minds. Reactions to the tweet were emotional and confirmed that people are on board with this theory. It would also explain why Kate believes that her father's death is her fault.
While all This Is Us fans can agree that they will forever have trust issues when it comes to small appliances, not everyone believes that this is how Jack passes.
One Reddit theory suggests that all of the Pearson's make it out of the house, but that Jack dies in a car crash on his way to get Kevin from the party in the woods right after. The makers of the show released a video leading up to the Super Bowl with Jack giving us all a message about the importance of family. In a "wow they really just went there" moment, a crock pot makes a cameo at the end of the video as Jack grabs himself a bowl of chili. Right after, a hashtag comes up: #CrockPotIsInnocent. This Is Us has been known to come in with the unexpected. If this is true, then how does Jack die? The car accident theory is starting to sound more plausible now.
This Is Us / YouTube.
In a promotional clip for the upcoming episode, they promise that "all of your questions will be answered," so we will find out soon enough. Personally, this fan theory is my favorite and requires far fewer tissues.
@cadlymack / Twitter.
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