The 5 Raddest Summer Hair Color Trends Coming Out Of L.A.

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Summer is synonymous with being outdoors, going on vacation, and soaking up the longer days in a myriad of fun ways — this we know — but it's also one of the most exciting times to change up your hair color. Around the same time that our skin starts glowing and our wardrobe changes, we want our hair to match the free spirited, sip-rosé-on-a-rooftop vibe of the fleeting season. And this year, with the beautiful color and highlighting trends rolling out of the trendiest L.A. salons, it's easier than ever to get the summer color of your dreams.
Ahead, we've highlighted in-the-know stylists who are sharing all their color secrets, and in turn, giving us the most screenshot-able, versatile, low-maintenance hair color trends that summer has ever seen. So, no matter your natural hair color, length, or texture, read on for ample inspiration on how you can add West Coast vibes to your summer persona.
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Courtesy of Erick Orellana
Stylist: Erick Orellana, colorist at Cristophe Salon Beverly Hills

Trend: Solid, single-tone color

Platinum blond color isn't going anywhere this summer — especially when single-tone color is having a moment. "I'm seeing a more subtle approach to color, with a balance of natural tones and super-soft baby lighting or balayage," says Orellana. "More and more people are wanting single color tones, like dark brown, light brown, chestnut, and platinum blonde."
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A one-dimensional, icy blonde color continues to be all the rage in L.A., no matter your length. This version was done by Cherin Choi on a short pixie.
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Courtesy of Erick Orellana
"One dimensional colors are beautiful and much easier to maintain than contrasting shades," explains Orellana, adding that the look is actually a modern take on an old-school color trend. "It reminds me of a '90s revival — supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington and Claudia Schiffer all wore single-dimension color."
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@antonioprietosalon by Krystal Gleeson
Stylist: Mia Loughnane, senior colorist at Antonio Prieto Salon

Trend: Grown-out highlights

An easy way to reduce your salon visits this summer is to adopt a low-maintenance color plan, like this grown-out highlighted look. "While many clients want to go brighter for the warmer weather, it doesn't necessarily mean super light or high maintenance," says Loughnane. "Highly-processed, bright colors have dominated trends in the past, but they all require so much maintenance. Now, the tried-and-true, grown-out highlight is my go-to for summer."

Remember the ombré trend of years past? This has the same spirit, but is a lot softer...
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"Dimension is the key word," Loughnane says, recommending that you tell your colorist to focus on adding soft, rich color at the roots to make the look more dramatic. Or, if you decide to grow out old color, have your colorist weave in a transition color to soften the line of demarcation.
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The best part of this summer trend is that is doesn't matter what your natural color or texture is — adding brightness or dimension through your ends and mid-lengths is an easy way to make a change with less upkeep.
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Anthony Holguin, stylist at L.A.'s Nine Zero One Salon, also agrees that lightening the ends of the hair makes for an easy summer style. And here, you can see that even a touch of a brighter shade towards the tips makes a huge difference in the overall dimension of your style.
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Courtesy of Shaylee Blatz
Stylist: Shaylee Blatz, colorist at Nine Zero One Salon

Trend: Lowlights focused on the ends of hair

"One of the biggest trends for color this summer is adding subtle dimension, not only at the root, but all the way through the ends," says Blatz. "In the past we’ve seen a lot of ombré looks where all of the ends are a single color, but by adding dimension, a.k.a lowlights, it allows you to see multiple tones which gives the hair a more natural look overall."
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Courtesy of Shaylee Blatz
Here, Blatz added super subtle lowlights through the ends of the hair, showing that you don't need to make your contrasting color as dark as the natural root to make the lighter shades really stand out.
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Blatz explains that the lowlight trend is versatile, because adding any contrasting color will enhance another tone. "Whether it be blond, caramel, honey, or golden, adding darker tones will make the other tones in the hair pop," she says. Another tip: a gloss over the top will keep the color super-shiny.
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Stylist: Tauni Dawson, colorist at Nine Zero One Salon

Trend: Baby-fine gold or bronze highlights

Dawson says that in California, it's warm, golden or bronzy highlights that are all the rage for summer. A departure from orange or ashy tones, "adding gold hues to the hair reflects lot of shine and translucency, which is why people love to go golden in the summer," says Dawson. "Keeping the highlights baby-fine helps to break up a natural base, leaving more brightness around the face."
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Fine highlights are hard to achieve because they require careful precision to make sure that the bright strands are evenly distributed around the head. When successful, the result is natural and sun-kissed, so make sure you verify that your colorist of choice is well-versed in the technique: babylights.
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Courtesy of SEAN GODARD
Sean Godard, a global Redken artist, prefers a slightly-shimmery metallic tone."The tones and contrast run subtle to bold, depending on the shades selected," says Godard. "This trend gives the hair a high-shine finish similar to rose gold, yellow gold, and bronze. So, depending on skin tone and color shade, there is a look is for anyone."

When speaking to your colorist, Godard says you should ask for a subtle balayage and a glaze to enhance the metal of choice (he recommends the Redken Shades EQ Gloss over the base color).
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Bonus: Super-fine highlights look even more beautiful when pulled back in an effortless low bun or ponytail.
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Dawson recommends adding a clear gloss over the fresh highlights to ensure that the golden color maintains its brightness.
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Stylist: Nikki Lee, Garnier consulting celebrity colorist

Trend: Light pastels

Pastel colors are still getting love in L.A., specifically, rose gold pink and soft dusty lilac shades. Lighter pastels allow you to ease into color, without making it dramatic or overt, says Lee. This is a great way to give new life to old highlights, but know that, depending on your natural color, lighter pastels do require bleach first.
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Triple the trend: Soft lilac shafts, light rosy ends, and a purposeful, grown-out root.
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Here, you can see how a touch of pink can be super subtle, but it's also a fun way to add highlights and tonality to darker color.

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