30 Gifts For The Yogis In Your Life

They can touch their toes. They seem to live in leggings. They love discussing hip mobility. It's hard to miss it when one of your friends is really into yoga. And paying attention to that passion can direct you toward the perfect present. With the right touches, even the simplest morning vinyasa can feel like an upscale boutique flow.
Whether you're a fellow forward-folder or you've never set foot on a mat, you can hit a yoga-themed gift out of the park with this list as your guide. From vacuum-sealed water bottles to pose-modifying props to downright beautiful mats, we've rounded up the best (and totally non-basic) gifts for the yoga fanatic in your life.
Ahead, find the gift that will fit their flow.
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Anyone who works up a sweat on the mat deserves a pair of leggings with mesh panels where it counts.
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Weighing in at only three pounds, this ultra-sticky mat is as travel-friendly as they come.
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This non-toxic, vinegar-based solution is tough enough to clean the sweatiest yoga mat, but gentle enough that it won't wreck its surface.
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Any old block will provide added support in those tricky poses, but we love the added grip and heft this cork version offers.
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Give your friend the gift of a wedgie- and bunching-free practice.
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Level up your pal's savasana with the gift of a pack of meditation exercises. Evenflow's subscriptions start at $9.99.
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No hot yoga practice is complete — or, at least, enjoyable — without a towel that will soak up sweat and dry out quickly.
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Your favorite yogi can keep their post-practice chill alive by snuggling into this fluffy-as-can-be pullover when they hop off the mat.
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They love sweating in class, but that doesn't mean they want their water bottle to join them. This vacuum-sealed model will keep beverages cold for over 24 hours.
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For the yogi who's also a Biggie fan.
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This simple strap loops around any standard yoga mat, making it perfect for yogis who like to travel light.
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These wipes aren't just cooling — they're specially designed to thwart further sweat. We'll take, uh, 50.
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Made of quick-drying, UV-blocking material, these seemingly basic leggings are begging to be worn to a SUP yoga session.
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There's more to this mat than just its gorgeous color scheme: Not only is it dense enough for high-intensity flows, but its surface is sealed to prevent sweat from seeping in.
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This blend of peppermint, patchouli, orange, lavender, and basil oil will turn your friend's home practice into a soothing yoga oasis. Just make sure they already have an essential oil diffuser ahead of gifting.
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We recommend practicing in bare feet, but there's nothing like slipping on a pair of cozy socks after a relaxing evening flow.
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Whether your yoga fanatic prefers a soothing herbal tea or rocket fuel pour-over, this tumbler will keep it hot before, during, and after their morning vinyasa.
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Finally, a tank that won't fall over their head in forward fold.
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Hand towels: Made to prevent slipping in downward dog, but just as effective at keeping sweat out of our eyes all class long.
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For those savasanas that just turn into naps.
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Never underestimate the value of a high-necked sports bra.
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This adjustable and ultra-versatile strap is great for stretches and extensions, providing resistance and support when it counts.
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This sleek gym bag makes toting around a mat a breeze without sacrificing any storage space.
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This reversible sports bra (the flip side is high-cut) means they can switch up their look after class.
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The design on this mat is meant to help yogis check their alignment, but it's especially fitting if your recipient happens to be a Scorpio.
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Bring the boutique studio vibes to your friend's house.
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These ultra-soft pants are perfect for warming up or a low-key bedtime yin practice.
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Even yogis get knots. This set of therapy balls are made to target those especially hard-to-reach kinks.
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Sweat-wicking, quick-drying, high-rise shorts — for hotter than hot sessions.
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If your friend lives to flow but dreads backbends, a yoga wheel will be their ace in the hole for heart-opening poses.
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