The Ultimate Tech Wish List For Yourself

'Tis the season of giving, as almost every card, window display, and commercial reminds us at this time of the year. While the holidays are definitely a time to think about what to buy for everyone on your list, there's no rule saying you can't include yourself on that list, too.
There's no denying that 2017 has been a rough one, and we could all use some self-care. For some, that means a trip to the spa. For others, it's a nice dinner out. Here, we're focusing on those of you who want to indulge in a little tech retail therapy: Maybe that's a Harry Potter-like photo printer or a smart wall display, or, for those wanting to relive their karaoke glory days at home, a Bluetooth microphone.
Whatever the case may be, we've got you covered. Ahead, 10 gifts worth treating yourself with this holiday season.
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When you want like Harry Potter

Recreate the moving paintings that filled Hogwarts' walls with Lifeprint. Simply print a video, GIF, or photo from your camera roll. Then, open the Lifeprint app and hold the printed image up in front of your smartphone camera to see it come to life again onscreen.

Lifeprint 2x3 Hyperphoto Printer for iPhone & Android, $129.99, available at
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When you want to...switch up your lighting

Nanoleaf's lighting system won't get old. You can connect and reconnect the panels however you please, creating different shapes and patterns. Then, control the light colors via an accompanying app. You can even sync the lighting to match the beat of your music.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Lighting Panels, $229.99, available at Fab.
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Courtesy of Samsung.
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When you want to...take the perfect photo

This sleek phone has a dual-lens camera that lets you capture that perfect shot, even if you're not a photo pro.

Samsung Galaxy Note8, $950, available at
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When you want to...power up on the go

This tiny portable power bank is the size of a lipstick tube, but can offer up a major battery boost for most smartphones and tablets.

Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350, $19.99, available at Anker.
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When you want to...upgrade your wall art

Instead of getting one painting for your wall, consider investing in Meural's Leonora. You can upload your own photos to the digital frame or access the thousands of artworks in Meural's library. To change the image, set the gesture controls in the accompanying app. You can switch what's there with a wave of your hand.

Meural Canvas Leonora White, $595 (on sale for $495 through December 20), available at B8ta.
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When you want to...give your space some greenery

Keeping plants alive isn't easy, and Planty gets that. The WiFi-enabled planting pot comes equipped with temperature, soil moisture, and light sensors, so all you need to do is check the accompanying app to see how your little fellow is doing. Need to water it while you're away? Planty's built-in watering tank takes care of it.

Planty, $129, available at Freshable.
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When you want to...rock out at home

Bring the karaoke home with this Bluetooth microphone. The mic syncs with most karaoke apps and has HD stereo speakers, so you can recreate the experience at home. A retractable phone holder makes it easy to see the lyrics as you sing, and you can even record if you're feeling so inspired.

Tzumi Rock Solo Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, $30, available at Bloomingdales.
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When you want to...bring the party wherever you go

This small, Bluetooth enabled speaker comes in a case that lets you carry it like a clutch. When you've reached your party destination, simply prop it up inside and blast your beats.

Kate Spade Portable Wireless Speakers with Cover, $100, available at Kate Spade.
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When you want to...test before buying

If you don't want to commit to one pair of headphones off the bat, opt for Lumoid. The tech rental site lets you rent three pairs of premium headphones, like this MW60 pair from Master & Dynamic, for two weeks, for as little as $30. If you like one of the pairs, you can buy it. If not, try again.

Lumoid headphones rental, starting at $30, available at Lumoid.
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When you want to...caffeinate at the office

If your office coffee machine isn't up to your brewing standards, go for this mini Nespresso. The tiny machine weighs just five pounds and is ultra compact so it won't take up precious desk space or call attention to itself.

Nespresso Essenza Mini, $104.30, available at Nespresso.
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When you want to...satisfy your vinyl craving

If you have your mom's old record player, or invested in a Crosley but have yet to use it much, subscribe to a Vinyl Me, Please package. Each month for three months you'll get a curated record, an exclusive art print, and a cocktail recipe to pair with your listening session.

Vinyl Me, Please 'Essentials' Gift Membership, $99/three months, available at Vinyl Me, Please.
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