This Makeup-Centric Show Would Be Our New Obsession, If Only It Existed

Photo: Illustrated by Annu Kilpelainen
As someone who is still attempting to perfect scrambled eggs, I have zero clue how the competitors on Chopped are able to make delicious dinners by combining bizarre elements like clementines, earthworm jelly, and rainbow cookies. But what if Chopped was all about makeup instead of food?
University of Oregon student Nicole, who's behind the Twitter handle @Femme_FataIe_, took to the social media platform to pitch the world her brilliant idea for a competition series. And seriously, why hasn't anyone thought of this?
"I want to see a version of Chopped but with makeup," the Twitter user wrote. "Like okay contestants, create a night time smokey eye look with this Claire’s eyeshadow palette, black Crayola crayon, and two Q-Tips."
Anyone who has ever had to do their makeup in an airplane bathroom has likely felt like they were actually on Chopped: Full Face Edition, but sadly, this series doesn't yet exist IRL. However, Twitter is here to say that they would definitely watch if it did.
"Like okay create a contour with brown gravy powder, a sponge & chalk .. GO!," added one supporter, suggesting a twisted combo that needs to make its way onto the show, should it ever happen.
"You gon need to copyright this rn cause we ready," replied one fan.
"I never knew i needed this show until right now," added another makeup enthusiast. "Where’s the kicker starter?"
As for how much attention the show idea has received (so far the tweet has gotten over 13,000 retweets), Nicole is floored:
"I just got this idea while I was getting ready for my formal and I really didn’t think it would get more than one or two favorites," Nicole told Refinery29.
While this specific beauty-centric series doesn't exist (yet!), there is another show makeup lovers can tune into. Adriana Lima hosts American Beauty Star, which debuted back in September on Lifetime. The series, which Forbes compares to Project Runway, pits hair and makeup mavens against one another in order to create the best looks for their models.
Alas, these competitors will never know what it's like to use squid ink for eyeliner, or cinnamon for bronzer. If Chopped taught us anything, it's that innovation is the truest marker of talent.
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