Alton Brown Teases Fans With Cryptic Message & It's Driving Us Crazy

Food Network megastar Alton Brown is probably coming to Chopped. Maybe. We think. The speculation is sparked by a pair of posts to Brown's Instagram that seem beyond cryptic for the world of televised cooking challenges.

Traditionally, there are zero riddles in the world of televised food competition. It's pretty straightforward. Although a riddle-based cooking show could be interesting. And really, all recipes are riddles in some way. We digress.

Brown's first post came Wednesday evening.

I've said too much already.

A post shared by Alton Brown (@altonbrown) on

As many speculated, that's the beginning of Chopped signage. Brown seemed to confirm that speculation when he posted this equally cryptic video.

Fun on the set of #chopped

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Riddlemaster Brown could be appearing as a judge, as a contestant, as a guest host. Literally the only hint is liquid nitrogen. He could be appearing as the mystery ingredient for all we know. (Ed.: Refinery29 does not condone cannibalism, even if it's on reality TV.) But we're anxious to find out.

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