We Can't Stop Watching These Disgustingly Satisfying Ingrown Hair Removal Videos

The hundreds of thousands of graphic pimple-popping videos that populate the internet provide a clear example of supply and demand — in other words, the relationship between how the public desire for a commodity often results in its proliferation. The people want to see blackheads squeezed, whiteheads popped, and cysts slashed open, so that is what the people get. But it's time we acknowledge that popping a ripe zit isn't everyone's gross-out bad habit of choice. In fact, for some of us, there is nothing so satisfying as taking tweezers to an ingrown hair and watching that little bugger slide right on out, just like that.

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Allure recently uncovered the Instagram account we, the pluckers, have all been waiting for, and boy, is it good. The anonymous Samaritan known only as Tweezist is doing the lord's work, posting macro videos of thick, dark ingrown hairs being gently coaxed out from within the epidermis. It's a different kind of satisfaction than the one you get from pimple-popping, to be fair: Done properly (and not to excess), tweezing an ingrown does not cause the skin to bleed, weep, or shoot out a projectile of pus. It's cleaner — more civilized, if you will.

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And where does the Tweezist get the ingrown hairs, you ask? As she explained in a recent comment, from her own damn body, that's where. (Though a male companion's beard does make a few appearances.)
Even without the presence of bodily fluids, and with the pleasant background music, the videos aren't likely to pique your appetite, but you know what they say: Nothing tastes as good as plucking out an ingrown hair feels.
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