Cole Sprouse Just Revealed A Potentially Huge Jughead Spoiler On Twitter

Photo: Courtesy of the CW Network.
Right now, so many people are struggling to contain their excitement over the fact that Riverdale makes its big return to The CW tomorrow, and it’s not just us fans. Even some of the stars are having trouble keeping certain secrets about what’s in store for the show this coming season just a little bit longer. Last night, Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead Jones on the hit drama, shared a behind-the-scenes photo on Twitter that may give us some clues as to what this character could be up to in season 2.
The picture that Sprouse posted on social media shows him dressed up as Jughead, complete with the iconic crown, and straddling a motorcycle. Accompanying the photo, the actor wrote, "~2 days until season 2~."
The photo isn't just prime content to add to my "I Heart Jughead Jones" Tumblr page, it also provides some hints about what Jughead might get involved with in season 2 of Riverdale. Season 1 left off with Jughead being presented with a Southside Serpents jacket by the biker gang after his dad refused to give any of their names to the cops in connection with the Blossom's drug business. The last shot we see of Jughead is him trying on the jacket proudly, as Betty stares on with fear and disgust. Does the fact that Cole Sprouse is posing on a motorcycle mean that he has officially become part of the gang? As much as I love Bughead and don't want to see anything drive a wedge between them, I'm finding it a bit difficult to care because he looks so good on that bike.
Another interesting component of this photo is that, while Jughead is wearing a crown, it isn't the same crown beanie we're used to seeing in most episodes. It's a crown that looks like it's made from grey felt, and we've seen it once before in his dream sequence from season 1. So, perhaps Jughead is only dreaming about being part of the Southside Serpents in season 2. Clearly, as of right now, we can only take guesses as to what Cole Sprouse's recent Twitter photo means, but luckily we're just one day away seeing what's actually going on with Jughead Jones and the rest of the Riverdale kids.

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