Jenny Mollen & Jason Biggs Welcome Son With A Very Fun Name

Photo: Michael Stewart/WireImage.
Author Jenny Mollen and husband Jason Biggs had their second child, and his name is Lazlo Biggs. As E! Online reports, the couple welcomed baby Lazlo Monday at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. The couple already has one child, a son named Sid who was born in 2014.
Mollen, a New York Times bestselling author, shared a photo of her newest family member on Instagram Thursday morning, a few days after he was born.
She describes his entrance: "Lazlo Biggs coming in hot!"
She joked in another post that before the couple decided on Lazlo, they were calling the kid Sid 2.

In this pic we were still calling him Sid 2. #babybiggs

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Mollen has been heavily documenting her pregnancy. At 39 weeks, she shared a nearly nude selfie with the caption "cooked."
She has also been very frank about the trials of being pregnant. In September, Mollen spoke out about "prenatal depression."
"I'm planning on eating my placenta, but I'm also anticipating a major emotional dive," Mollen said in the Instagram story, according to People. "I think that it's chemical. I think people don't talk about it enough."
She added that after having her first child, Sid, she was on an emotional high."It felt like I was coming off of cocaine," she said.
This rollercoaster of feelings surrounding pregnancy is pretty standard, and Mollen wanted to normalize it.
"This is normal — that's what I'm trying to say," Mollen said. "It's not weird... I would be more freaked out if I weren't freaking out... I think if you're not slightly depressed, you're not really alive."
Mollen is also no stranger to the shaming that can accompany being a mother in the public eye. When she shared a photo of herself taking a bath with Sid, commenters were quick to criticize her.
"I'd be furious too if I had to bathe in my mother's pubic hair runoff," one rather crass commenter noted.
Now that she's had the baby, things should get easier, right? Or wait — now she has to raise a kid in public. Good luck, Lazlo. May the mommy-shamers keep their fingers far away from your childhood.
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