How To Dress Like Your Favorite Female Rapper For Halloween

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There are way more people who think they can rap than there are those who can actually rap. It takes a certain kind of skill, rhythm, and of course, swag, to do it right. And perhaps this is why so many women are good at it.
Female rappers are in a league of their own. Before I had the language of feminism, it was these women that introduced me to concepts of female empowerment, owning my sexuality, and encouraging me to pursue success. Even in an industry where they are the minority, these musicians leave a lasting mark on the fabric of pop culture.
I haven’t even mentioned their personal style, either. Female rappers don’t just push boundaries in their lyrics, they give middle fingers to respectability and gender binaries with the clothes on their backs. And this is why they make such great Halloween costumes. Try some of these looks to turn heads at your Halloween party.
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Missy Elliott
If Adidas “invented” the tracksuit, Missy perfected in what feels like a lifelong partnership with the sportswear brand. So pick a fun colour, add a hat, grab a fresh pair of Adidas, and go be great.
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Nicki Minaj
Talk about style evolution… Nicki Minaj has been to the depths of neon hell and back. These days, she has gone for a more toned-down look, but she’s still taking risks. Case in point: Her Thierry Mugler blazer that left one breast exposed during New York Fashion Week.

If you can find a tailor to make a look alike of the sold-out jacket, you can find pasties here. Some green bermuda shorts, strappy heels, futuristic shades, and this thigh-length wig will make it hard to tell you apart from Nicki.
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1999 Lil Kim
Let’s be honest: Lil Kim will always go down in history as the connoisseur of exposed boobs after her right one was anointed by Diana Ross herself. You can cop the costume here. But you’ll still need a purple wig cut like Kim’s and some pumps.
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Cardi B.
As a relative newcomer on the hip hop scene, Cardi’s style has yet to be clearly defined. However, she’s made it clear that she has a special affinity for the colour red. If you want to feel like a new person this Halloween, try her BET Awards red carpet look.

Grab a platinum blonde bob wig and red pant suit to slay like Cardi. Leave the button-up and bra at home.
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Forever the baddest bitch, Trina’s playful raps will always have a special place in my heart. So will her bedazzled bra tops. Pair yours with some cropped leggings, matching bedazzled heels, and a high pony to look like you came straight from the set of the “Nann” music video.
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Da Brat

Another female MC that has always gone against the grain, Da Brat often pairs high glam beauty with more masculine looks. An oversized jersey and baggy jeans will do the trick as long as your face is beat. But the secret recipe is the bandana, braided ponytails, and oversized shades.
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Young M.A.

Listen, Young M.A. is probably the sexiest rapper on this list, so if you don’t think you have the swag to pull this look off, don’t even try it. I want to see your braids evenly parted and your neck tattoo drawn on perfectly with a Sharpie. Make sure your shoes match your shirt and say “oooouuuuu” a lot. Thank you.
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Foxy Brown
Another hip-hop GOAT, Foxy Brown was a rapper that defined edgy style for women of colour in the ‘90s. It’s pretty simple to recreate today.

All you need is a black tube dress with a blue faux fur.
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Lil Mama

The rapper who blew up with an ode to her lip gloss has stepped it up a notch. No longer is she rocking hoodies and kicks to red carpets. She serves glam with the best of them. But as long as the internet and Halloween still exist, we can conjure 2007 Lil Mama, who dressed as a hip-hop baby and wore a pacifier to the VMAs.

I can’t find an exact replica of the hoodie, and I don’t want to. But there are plenty of ways to dress up as a baby in purple satin. Pair this sissy dress with a matching bonnet and white leggings and purple sneakers.
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Lauryn Hill
If you’re like me and already wear a denim jacket like a security blanket, then you’ve already got the first part of your Lauryn Hill costume. Pair it with a cami and a colourful maxi skirt or spaghetti strap dress. If you don’t have locs, a head wrap would also channel the earthy rapper’s earlier looks.
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Azaelia Banks
Banks has a bold personality and style. But she does like to keep things simple by sporting jumpsuits for her performances. Try this leopard print one and add an oversized hair bow for a lot of spunk. Keep your phone in hand and yell a lot if you want people to recognize you.

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