Ikea Just Dropped A New Collab With A Cult Design Brand (Yes, There Are Even New Ikea Bags)

Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
The beginning of each month is an exciting time for Ikea fans: It's when the Swedish mega brand announces its latest product drop. This month, we are even giddier than usual, since the retailer is debuting an ultra-chic collaboration with HAY, one of our favorite home labels.
The YPPERLIG collection — which means "extraordinary" in Swedish — has been three-years in the making, according Mette and Rolf Hay, the founders of the minimalist design brand. The Danish duo is known for their architectural shapes, clean lines, and mid-century-inspired aesthetic, making them a natural fit for a partnership with Ikea.
The resulting lineup is everything a design lover can dream of: Highlights include a single-mold plastic chair, a compact sofa optimized for small spaces, and a floor lamp activated by touch. Oh, and the Ikea's iconic shopping tote — which has become a fashion designer favorite — is also getting a facelift in the form of brand new colors and patterns.
We talked to HAY ahead of the launch about the collaboration. Click through to see more from the collection, which will be rolling out in Ikea stores and online in the month of October. We're pretty sure everything will be snapped up in no time, so you better get on this quick.
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The pièce de résistance of the collection is this plastic arm chair created by monoblock manufacturing: Where a chair mold is filled up with liquid plastic and hardens in 30 seconds. "This is the most efficient way to produce a chair, and you end up with an unbreakable product that is built to last," Hay tells Refinery29.

Ikea YPPERLIG Armchair, $55, available at Ikea
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Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
A spring mattress is used as the seat of this seater sofa to guarantee comfort and minimize space.

Ikea YPPERLIG Sleeper Sofa, $599, available at Ikea
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Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
"Danish design is about functionality, attention to detail, and well-made simplicity," Rolf Hay, co-owner of HAY, tells Refinery29. "We're looking forward to incorporating these characteristics with Ikea's brand, which creates a lot of value for a reasonable price."
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Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
The product selection includes stools and tables in a variety of sizes.

Ikea YPPERLIG Mirror, $19.99, available at Ikea

Ikea YPPERLIG Nesting Tables, $59, available at Ikea

Ikea YPPERLIG Beech Stool, $24.99, available at Ikea
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The cushion covers take cues from HAY's textile archives and feature different patterns on each side.

Ikea YPPERLIG Cushion Cover, $6, available at Ikea
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Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
The legs of this coffee table are padded with plastic to prevent scratches on floors.

Ikea YPPERLIG Coffee Table, $39.99, available at Ikea
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It was Mette Hay's idea to give Ikea's shopping bags fresh look. The patterns seen on these totes echoes the colors and motifs on the cushion covers. The designer picks this classic household staple as the item that's most likely to sell out in the whole collection.

Ikea YPPERLIG Shopping Bag, $1.99, available at Ikea

Ikea YPPERLIG Shopping Bag, $1.99, available at Ikea
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Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
This couch, which can easily seat two or three people, is generous on the inside and compact on the outside. "Comfort in a sofa typically comes from thick layers of foam and heavy constructions," says Hay. "In this case, the comfort comes from the unique shape inspired by a dining chair."

Ikea YPPERLIG Loveseat, available at Ikea in February 2018.
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This lamp comes with a built-in touch dimmer, and you'll be able to control the levels of brightness with the tap of your finger.

Ikea YPPERLIG Led Table Lamp, $39.99, available at Ikea
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Plank tables are prominent fixtures in Scandinavian design. This collaboration expands on the classic by reinforcing the structure with a sturdy metal under frame.

Ikea YPPERLIG Vase, $19.99, available at Ikea

Ikea YPPERLIG Ash Table, $199, available at Ikea
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