The Game Of Thrones Transformation You've GOT To See

If you've been following Game Of Thrones closely, then you know that Daenerys Targaryen's braids are meant for a lot more than keeping flyaways out of her face on dragon rides. The intricate designs, which change with the seasons, hint at character developments, spoilers, and even war. And for us mere mortals, that means you get a ton of options when dressing up like her for Halloween.
While they might seem dauntingly complicated on the show, Daenerys's braids, twists, and buns are actually pretty easy to copy; we asked a GOT super-fan to do them herself just to prove it. Hit play on the video above to follow along in real time, then check out the tips below.
Getting Started:
First, secure your natural hair in braids or cornrows — then grab a wig cap, lining it up along your hairline. Be sure to tuck any fly-aways into the cap before putting on your wig.
Double Braids:
Make a strong center part, and grab a one inch section from your hairline. Split it in three and start a simple, three-strand braid. Begin working your way toward the back of the head, picking up hair and weaving it under the plait to form a Dutch braid. Only pick up pieces from along your part side.
When you've reached the sides of your head, finish off with a simple 3-strand braid all the way to the ends. Try to braid as far down as possible, since the length will come in handy for the next two looks. When you're done, secure the braid with a clear hair tie, and repeat the process on the other side.
Four Braid Twist:
Keep the double braids you just made and add one more on each side so you have four total. Criss cross the braids closest to the crown, and pin them into place. Pull the two remaining braids back from the hairline and pin them over and around into a half updo.
Braided Bun:
Remove all the bobby pins you just used on the twist and go back to four loose braids. Rest a finger against the center of your head, and wrap one of the braids around the finger. Pin the braid into place and slide your finger out. Grab a braid from the other side and do the same thing. Keep repeating and alternating sides until it forms one large twisted updo at the crown of the head. Pin and tuck any pieces into place as needed.

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