We Are Here For This Woman's Unsolicited College Advice

Good advice can come from unexpected places. In this case, it's from a rant-y Twitter thread posted by Alex Dolinger, or @alexraesucks, who currently has 326 followers.
Dolinger, a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, told Refinery29 that she started the thread because, "I just kept learning different things from my own experiences that I thought could be helpful or funny to current college students and high school seniors who are currently looking at schools."
She started in a Twitter-mom tone.
Yep, total Twitter mom.
She then talked spills. Specifically, Qdoba spills, although your spills could come from Chipotle or Taco Bell or In-N-Out. While a certain subset of college kids goes for over-the-top dorm decorating — see: the fancy, pastel doubles beloved by sorority girls at Ole Miss — the truth is, college can be messy. Get yourself a practical comforter.
She went on to talk about college friendships. Those first few weeks are crucial because everybody's in the same boat and can relate to each other's loneliness. While many students are tempted to go home, especially if their family lives close by, sticking it out is worth it for the lifelong connections.
Taking care of yourself is important, too.
Make sure you know exactly what's available on your campus meal plan — it could be more than just the cafeteria.
There are likely a lot of free resources on your campus: Take advantage of them.
This is kind of a great hack if you're addicted to texting, TBH.
You may be in college now and meeting lots of new people, but if you really click with someone, don't be scared to start a new relationship, she says. "Go for it kiddos, love is life."
Finally, do not stress about your major.
"The only responses I've gotten have been from my own college friends because it's mostly meant to be funny, but I hope it's helping someone, somewhere," she told us.
Could this be the start of an advice book for incoming college freshmen? If so, we're here for it. We're also pretty sure Dolinger will get free Qdoba for life if her thread catches on.

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